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Best Music of 2022 plus My Site's most popular posts


How was your year?

A struggle for many. Every year is I suppose. Hopefully also filled with lovely moments.

One thing I do like about this platform is how easy it is for me to see the views.

So here are the posts with the most views out of the 62 posts in 2022.

A bit of satire apparently goes down well!

You won't believe these new Sports added to the Chinese Winter Olympics

Nice to see a poem getting some interest. Must have resonated.

A life as a wish - A poem 

Controversy sells. That's what they tell me.

P E R V E - Most controversial story of the decade

Ironically, given that the book didn't actually sell, this was a popular post. 
(I think people were curious but didn't want to take the plunge and get a copy).

You won't believe what she said about Perve

This was a big one too. Based on my own struggles.

My anti-depressant nightmare - A warning for others

I put together this video that I had made with Sal and family that had been lost.
I re-edited it from scratch.

This was the biggest of all, by a mile. Mostly because I shared it on Sal's Facebook, just two days after she died. (If you don't know who she is, take a look)

It's bittersweet. At least people looked at it. Just a small dedication to her.

Plus the book Us & Them released late October was dedicated to her too with some of the stories and poems about her as well. I will always miss her.

I 'collect' songs throughout the year and make a monthly mixtape. Sometimes two.
I ended up with about 400 songs.

So here is the best of them. A great mix, for any occasion.

Best Songs of 2022 YouTube Playlist

I hope your year was a good one.

May the coming year bring you lots of happy moments.

Thank you for reading this year. I greatly appreciate it. It won't go on forever. Everything has an end date. So if you haven't picked up a book of mine before, please do so before it's too late.

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