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Best TV series and films of 2022

These are my top rated shows and films of 2022.

However, some of the best material I watched was older films. Unfortunately I can't include them. I have included some from 2021 as they were released late in 2021 or I just didn't get to them. Some were actually made in 2021 but released in 2022.

Some particular episodes of shows such as House of the Dragon, Dexter, Tokyo Vice and Sandman were great but not the series as a whole.

So here they are. Copied from IMDB with my rating.

There are still certain things I haven't see yet.

No order.

My favourite series of the year. Unbelievable quality. Animated but not for children

A close second. The only Star Wars production in recent years to be any good. This was excellent.

Very slow first half but still great

Not as good as Dark but still consistently enjoyable

Documentary - incredible story

Very disturbing. European. Something of substance Hollywood could learn from.

Another European production. Probably my favourite film of the year.

I could relate to this in a big way. Great quality but troubling and something everyone should watch.

I got vertigo just watching it.

Another great European film.

Great but not that different to the Lynch version. I wouldn't call it superior.

Fresh and inventive though still a little woke (can filmmakers get funded without it?)

Fantastic version. Great animation but it's the story and characters that shine

Many series I started that had great opening episodes, like 1883 but it became clear after a few episodes that they were either, A/ Stretching it out. B/ Pretending to be one thing but turned out to be another. C/ Became bogged down with insulting identity politics. D/ Not enough focus on character and story and simply became dull.

Some I just avoided altogether if it appeared overly moralistic (woke). Far too much of it about and it's all directed at white people and men, etc. It's simple bigotry. Additionally, it's almost as though Hollywood has forgotten how to write. So many shows I gave up on this year whereas in recent years, TV series were much stronger than movies. Unfortunately, movies have also taken a huge dive. This year was the worst yet. This has been reflected in box offices numbers at their lowest ever. (Streaming services have also had an impact but it doesn't mean the quality there is better. It's more about quantity than quality).

Not enough risk. Too many remakes/sequels etc. Everything, everywhere all at once was a great attempt but just fell a bit short for me. Worth your time though. 

The Europeans are still making decent material thankfully, as are other areas like Asia. (Squid Game for example).

Hollywood needs to get off the soapbox and get back to character and story. We want to be entertained. That's it.

"A film is not supposed to be a lecture."- Akira Kurosawa

What were your favourites? 

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  1. I will have a look at Andor. I have started watching 1898. Speak no Evil was a disturbing horror movie. I watched Everything, Everywhere All at Once a couple of nights ago and thought it very good. Best film for me this year was Nope, very original take on UFOs and nicely worked metaphor of how we treat supposedly tame animals. Best TV - Dark, even though it is a couple of years old, but new stuff made in 2022, in science fiction The Lazarus Project, The Midwich Cuckoos, The Peripheral. In other genres, Archive 81 was a good horror/thriller, Reacher was a bit of action fun, got back into Stranger Things.

    1. I haven't seen Nope. I will check it out. And a couple other of those you mentioned.
      I think you will be impressed with Andor. It's not about special effects or action but character and dialouge. Best writing of probably all the SW offerings.


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