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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)


The Lone Wolf is Coming...

Langford's debut novel. Coming soon.

There is no place lonelier than the inner city. No place more fitting to make observations on the fallibility of human beings and the easiest to design their downfall. Ideology isn’t his motivation. He hates everyone, equally. 

His voice is unique. And he will be heard.

‘Some soldiers say that War is the only reality that made them feel alive. Feasibly they didn’t want it, but they got it. They can never go back. Neither can I.’

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Starting Over - A Video Meditation

Yesterdays - A Video

Can we really begin again?

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As is always the case, I make these videos and hold onto them, often for years.
This was made in early 2018 from footage I had recently shot near the Entrance, New South Wales.

I think the vision came first and I wrote the poem around it.
Usually it's the other way around.

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How to End Sexual Harassment

The New Solution against Sexual Harassment 

'Miss, how do I do up my seatbelt?'

(Good tip for the new Terrorist. Rather than utilising some dirty dude with a feral beard,
employ a hot babe! Then no-one will show any concern for the unattended baggage in the seat behind her.)

A recent survey of Qantas airline staff said that 25% (a nice round number) reported being sexually harassed by customers or other staff members. While sexual harassment as a term, has yet to be defined in this particular case, as either a look, a comment, being followed, stalked or a grope, there is a simple way to eradicate this type of behavior.

Ugly staff.

'O Captain, my Captain.'

For all time, attractive people, in most cases young women, have been used by companies to be the face of their brand. The literal Front Line. Is is any wonder then, that these attractive people are found desirable? That's their purpose, surely? It's not their fault. It's the companies that continue to exploit them for their looks and bodies.

The Tea Lady

Enough is Enough

Simple solution. Employ ugly people. Also employ a 50-50 quota of male and female. It would also be of great benefit if they did not have good bodies, as some don't mind if the mantelpiece is off while stoking the fire, to quote an old phrase. You can see why times have changed!
It's best for everyone concerned if their bodies where really quite off-putting as well.

That's the spirit! No Silicone!

Think of how much sexual harassment would be reduced in the workplace! We do know that some people are quite happy to be exploited for their looks, such as front-line reception staff etc and models and TV hosts etc. The list is really quite long. But those people don't speak for everyone. In this day and age, can we really afford to reward the frivolous and risk sexual harassment? Why should good looking people get job opportunities others can't simply due to how they look?

New Real Estate Agents - Their sales figures just quadrupled.  
'I'll have what he's selling.'

In the 21st century, where being offended can get people fired, it's time to put this centuries old practice to one side. We must progress as the enlightened species we desire to be! (Desire is a bad phrase. Perhaps it should be banned).

Equal opportunities for all!
Let's reward people for their actual skill set. And intelligence. And personality. Not gender, physical beauty, race, sexuality, blah blah.
(Crazy concept, isn't it).

Promote the ugly! Fire the beautiful. 
And make this world a better, uglier place.

While we're here, let's turn the tables on the Porn Industry. We want to see the ugliest, hairiest, lumpiest actors possible. Small willys and saggy boobys. No Silicone. Ban the Botox. Ban the fake Orgasms. Just Ban everyone goddamit! And free the Sexually Enslaved and the Perpetually Enraged.

(We'll do anything, just to get them to stop the fucking whining. We've got a global headache).

A real Porn 'Star' - Good on her. More please!

Do you have any tips on how to end Sexual Harassment, particularly in the workplace? 

Should we chemically castrate all men? Or just replace them with robots? Make sex an illegal activity unless you have a license? Wear company masks, so that no one know what a person looks like, and communicates via a gender neutral computer voice? I like it!

 Gender neutral robots - workers of the Future!

('On second thoughts, I'll do my own seatbelt. Asshole.')
(If you know anyone really attractive who gets all the attention, forward them this. It's bound to piss them off).
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S.W.M. seeking retirement

S.W.M. seeking retirement

I am no longer restless
Or eager for the fight
The assholes are running the racket
And for the most part,
Always have.

The tales are told by the victors
This we know
They also ensure that the losers are kept silent
At least in their lifetimes
(Do not open pre death).

I’m weary before my time
If I ever had the energy
Or perhaps it sailed by
Under a lidless sky
And that, dear friend
Was the proverbial boat.

I won’t accept defeat graciously
Nor would it make sense
Not to be embittered
In all its resplendent colours
(Is there anything more vibrant?)
Yet the heat has fallen
From my charged spirit.

All I seek now
Knowing that the past is firmly etched
Is the vacuum of silence
The space to breathe
And the freedom
To grow blissfully bored.

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Brittle beaten warriors

Starlight swallows sense

There is an artistic shroud
That settles like star dust
Over the dark encrusted
Brittle beaten warriors
Who seek a sample
Of Sanctuary
From the speckled light
Hoping for more than illumination
Entrusting a way
Towards a new and solid path.

If they can’t find it soon
Then can we share
Their scrap of hope
As the barrel bottom dregs
Creates moisture effigies
Of our misery
So that we can visualise
Our actualities
Whilst our spirits
Finally get the picture.

At some point
It’s prudent to hang hats
And embark on a new trail
Than persist in the face of futility.

If our egos will allow it.

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My Third (and final) Nude Shoot

In late May 2020, I took part in my third Photography Shoot with renown artist, Spencer Tunick. 
It was done online, as part of a ongoing Covid exhibition entitled Life During Wartime. The final images are below.

Third from Left, Third from Bottom, in all three shots.

Also below are the images from the first shoots I took part in. Sydney 2010 and Melbourne 2001. While not quite the amazing experience the first two were, this one was more personal with Spencer talking to us, peering into our homes and giving us direction by name.

Melbourne 2001 - Early Sunday morning on the cold wet tram tracks, in the middle towards the front.
Freezing but probably the best of the three as it was the first. Crazy fun.

2010  - I'm at the base of the steps, roughly in the middle. Much warmer..

I feel very fortunate to have taken part in any of his sessions, let alone three over twenty years. However, the way this body is going, I think I'll retire gracefully.