For the people of Victoria and those still in Lockdown





Is the term they use

Dressed up

To sell it as a positive

Which it is, of course

Yet being alone

Has never felt so lonely

As it's legally binding

With no end in sight.


Allowed out for essential services

Food and exercise

Like in a prison yard

Then it's back to the space Within

The echo chamber

Of our silence.


It can be peaceful

There are moments of calm

And simplicity

Mostly there's an oppressive air

A churning invisible machine

Crushing the spirit.


For me

There's the added dimension

Of having lost all work

With no financial assistance



The government implements the schemes

And I can't speak for all

Yet the wheels turn too slow

To offer salvation.


The not knowing is the worst

While the bank balance bleeds.


Everyone has their story

Of this time

Yet we share the bleakness

Of the situation

The fear of tomorrow

All our planned tomorrows


And are saturated

By the emptiness

Of today.


For many

It will be too much.

For many

Life was already

A tussle with despair

A rage against the elements

Where do they turn now?

Where do any of us turn?

When we’re all in the same hole

Some deeper than others.


So we sit and wait

And try to dredge up

A little bit of hope

Generate a smile

Fake it if need be

And laugh at the craziness

Of it all

Even if that laughter is hollow

And put all our faith

In tomorrow.


Our Unknown Tomorrow.


I wrote this in Sydney in our first Lockdown. Only read it again recently and thought of those poor folk doing it tough going through it still. (Most of my family and friends live in Melbourne and regional Victoria).

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Lone Wolf World - New Trailer!

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The personal battle

Symmetry in chaos


Aren't some of our biggest battles in life ultimately with ourselves? 
Our attitudes. Our responses to things. And perhaps the biggest thing of all, our moods.
Others can make life hard, sure. Events happen out of our control. How we deal with it, determines so much.
Yet, no matter whats going on, we can't escape ourselves.

The below was written in a bit of a slump earlier this year. (Warning, navel gazing ahead).

A poem about my anxiety and drinking.
Written not as a reflection, but in the moment, as it's described. 

Respite, if in passing

I sit on a bar stool
Near the back
Sipping my first beer
My legs are tingling
Regret already loves
The stink in the air.

Anxiety has driven me here
Depression is to claim me tomorrow
But it’s been bogging me down for days
So, I drink and wait
For the relief to kick in.

I rise for another beer.

It’s January
I’m responsibility free
Work has dried up
No early mornings
To endure.

The devil shines
In down time
He snares with temptation
And I am weak
Without the weight
Of substantial sobriety behind me.

A classic cyclical curse
A baton passing bestowed
A tit for tat
Rhythmic dance
As is the ebb and flow
Of everything
Creating its own symmetry in chaos
Like a steady pulse
Traversing the struggles of the individual
Over a lifetime
Crossing paths with others
On their similarly painted fate
Some more ordained than others
Passing into genetics
And cultures
And countries
Destined to relive the past
As we all do
Without realising.

If we were to step back
And examine our youth
We’ll see how much of now
Was planted then.

Whether we were born that way
Or moulded
Is perhaps irrelevant.

It won’t save us
Nothing will
My only hope, is to recognise
The Peace when it comes
And enjoy its brevity.

For today
I needed that reminder.

(Jan 2020)

*The drinking, I've been dealing with since the age of 17. Long story. (I'm currently not drinking).
The anxiety/depression started a lot earlier. (in those days, undiagnosed. It made for difficult teen years).  Apologies if this sounds like a whine. We all have our own problems. We have to just get on with it. My book is out and that's something very positive. Yet there are many hours in a day. It's not always easy. Is it ever really?

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The New Book. Lone Wolf World. 

Have you ever felt that the whole world was against you? 
He did. He decided to do something about it.

'Lone Wolf World' Quotes + Fun New Personal Video

Ever felt that the world was against you?

Let's hear from the Lone Wolf.

Do you think these are effective?

Easy to copy and share. 

A Loner with the World on his shoulders seeks to point out 'their hypocrisy' when he stumbles upon an opportunity that will bring about a catastrophic event. 

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Newcastle July, '20 Part 1 of 2

Great music. Cool images. My daughter and I went on holiday for a few days. My God, did we need it after Lockdown. And just before a new outbreak.

Watch Here:

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Email from The Lone Wolf to You

Meet the Lone Wolf


To whomever,

I’d say your name but I don’t know do I?
Anthony tells me that he is supposed to write a synopsis about his book. Which is really my book, as I’m the one in it. Let me ask you this. Do you think they asked to see a sample of Michelangelo’s work? Did they expect him to provide a mock-up of the finished artwork in a replica stamp? Or asked Galileo what he was up to and he handed them a matchstick figurine and said this thing flies?


I’m not doing it either. You see, some things just can’t be explained succinctly. You’re going to find out somehow as my journey is too crazy to stay dormant. I don’t do dormant. You can find out all about my incongruous childhood, all the way through to the home invasion, the monkey attack, the Ulysses style sojourn through suburbia and the many personal attacks. People react strongly to anything different. I’m like a walking pin cushion. A voodoo test dummy for the uninitiated. There’s so many life lessons, witticisms, shocks and shrewdness, that people should pay me to read it.
Oh. That happens already. (You better pay me Langford or I’m coming for you next).

It may be a bit difficult to find me, considering what happens at the end. Anthony will have to take care of that for me. But don’t let him ruin my Homer-esque legend. He’s a decent enough guy but you can’t really trust anyone these days. Not fully. (Sorry Langford. But not sorry).

The central event is of course the insane act. Some might describe it as terrorism. That’s because they have no imagination. It’s a message! I’m not your run of the mill loner warrior. Religion never enters into it. You can read that stuff in the paper. By the way, I give media the big dressing down that they deserve. I’m being a bit flippant but trust me (never trust anyone who says trust me), it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes it’s downright Hell. Especially for me. I’m the one living this shit, you know.

It’s all here. The book of Now. The tale that needs to be told. It has been told. By me. You can pass on Go, but don’t pass on this. Someone’s gunna take it because people like me only come along once in a generation. Strike it while it’s hot, ‘coz I’m outa here and if you’re not along for the ride, you’ll be eating a sorry shit sandwich of regret.

I won’t say goodbye. I’ll say… Standby. 

* After a long run of rejections and mostly non replies (is that a phrase?), I decided to write a submission to publishers and agents using the Lone Wolf's voice. Afterall, being original, creative while providing an insight into the character and the novel goes a long way, right?
Wrong. They're either not looking or they just don't read your email. Well, kind of the same thing isn't it? Unless youre connected, ie your Auntie works for the publishing company, then you've got fuck all chance of anybody looking at your work. I guarantee that 99% of submissions I've sent over the years, were never even looked at. And if they did, they never read beyond the submission itself, which is not the same as reading your novel. They wouldn't have a clue as to it's content. If you're very lucky, they may have read the first paragraph. That's all they've got time for.
And that's all I've got time for. The Lone Wolf will have his day. And it will be soon.