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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)


Old British Cinemas - Nostalgia Series No. 4

Nostalgia Video 

#4 / 10

Re-edited with new music by Anthony J. Langford
from 3 YouTube videos by Michelle Stone

No. 2  Pictures of Old Sydney 1900 and beyond

No. 1  Wartime to 1930's Melbourne 

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The Short Film, UNTOLD, finally 22 years after it was made. Not for everyone.

'Untold' - The Short Film Shoot

'Untold' - The World Premiere May 25

Part 2 - Production, Process and Post

An unusual story, with unusual dialogue needed an unique approach. Initially I wanted to shoot it all in one take. It's been done of course, but back in 1997, it was still a fairly novel idea. I planned it out, with the intention of changing locations, across multiple suburbs. It was too ambitious.

I chose a simpler shoot, at several locations, with myself as director and cameraman. I had two production assistants help out with the sound, but with these 'no' budget affairs, everyone chips in.

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Look it's no Magnolia, but it does contain its own style and has some really interesting concepts and challenging conversations. The Year 2000 was looming like a giant wave and it's felt here. One of the actors says to another, 'Beware the new century.'

Amongst it all, is a mini mystery. Can you work it out?

Poster 5 of 5

What happened to the actors?

Pre-Internet, well, the internet was barely being used then, so I lost contact with all of them. I moved overseas then returned to Melbourne, rather than Sydney.
I could probably track them down, (should the past be left where it is?) or perhaps they will find their way to the film, once it's online on May 25th.

The most important question is, with Political Correctness as a central theme, how relevant is it today? Did it foretell certain aspects of where attitudes were going? Was it a window into today?

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My Short Films

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This, above all, to refuse to be a victim. 
Unless I can do that I can do nothing.

Margaret Atwood.

More Satire including

Rolf Harris - Greatest Pervy Albums

'Untold' - The World Premiere - May 25

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces.

The 1997 'lost'* film, UNTOLD.

Coming to the public for the first time, on May 25th, 2019 

(The same day Star Wars was released in 1977).

Part 1- Premise and Political Correctness

Poster 1 of 5

When Political Correctness became a term in the nineties, it had already heralded in a new movement. A new way of thinking. A new way of behaving socially. As to how that translates today is up to you to decide for yourself, but in the nineties, it was the right thing and a necessary thing. Most people were open minded and accepting, (Sydney's Mardi Gras was already a hugely popular event) but some were still stuck in the past.

Political Correctness was a new and positive attitude. A way to be more inclusive of all peoples. In Australia, there wasn't the great influx of peoples from various countries and religions that we have now, so the early P.C. focus was not particularly race but Aboriginal and Gay acceptability.

Poster 2 of 5

Yet, even then, there was some people getting around it, manipulating it, saying one thing and feeling another. It did, and still does, cause a lot of confusion, argument and controversy.

Still in my 20's I wrote a wild and unorthodox script. It was to be a non-conventional story, so I gave it a non title; UNTOLD. It's basic premise is the confusion of relationships, especially in youth, with the added ingredient of Political Correctness to contend with. I'd argue it has had a big impact on relationships today, but perhaps love and dealings with others has always been difficult.

Poster 3 of 5

Coming in 2 weeks

Part 2 - UNTOLD, Production and Post, followed by the Premiere on May 25th. 

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A judicious piece of satire, The Brand New Victim Meter! A must for...  well, anyone who wants some serious attention. Don't miss it!

Growing up in the 60s and beyond - bABY bOOMERS

Nostalgia Video 

#3 / 10

Growing Up Baby Boomers in 1960's Australia

Footage sourced (mostly) from YouTube

Re-edited by myself with All Australian Music;

Billy Thorpe - Over the Rainbow
Bee Gees - I started a Joke
The Seekers - The Carnival is Over

Number 1 here

Number 2 here


All Nostalgia Videos

I need your opinion on these Reality TV ideas

I’m working on scripts for several pilots…

Yep, they're just like us

Reality TV

A goldmine of cheap production and crappy ideas, shipped internationally, remade locally, for endless season after season. No quality writing required. Get a bunch of superficial, so called good looking arso-holics, put them together and video the result.

I thought I'd cash in on this phenomenon.

The first idea is a take on My Kitchen Rules.

My Toilet Rules

A panel sits around (and on) the bowl and see who can deliver the best number twos. Points to be judged on; consistency, texture, smell and um, taste. Ensure that the contestants are also assholes, to make sparks (and flatulence) fly.

Dancing with the Cars

Find the most annoying contestants, and the busiest motorway and have them perform complex dances across it (and hopefully, removing them from the gene pool before they breed).

Auditioning for Dancing with the Cars. 
Folks, we have a winner!

The Really Real Housewives (and Husbands)

Film some actual housewives (or dudes), of lowly income, doing it tough with a whole bunch of kids, no cleaners, or airs and graces, no hairspray, lippie, foundation or man gel. Instead highlight vacuuming, sweeping, doing dishes, washing and hanging out clothes, making kids lunch, dealing with screaming, crying, ass wiping, pets tearing up the furniture and stuff like that. You know, the shit that normal people have to do.

Cops (Off Duty)

Follow these cops as they come home from the front line, grab a beer or soda pop, plop their ass on the couch and watch the football, maybe shred a dumbbell, eat some chips then burp, fart and scratch their sweaty bits.

The Fake News

It’s the polar opposite of what happens now, (Fox NEWS, CNN, wherever). So we call it The Fake News, but make it as truthful and unbiased as possible. If it all possible.
Actually, forget it.

Married at First Blight,

Divorced at First Argument

Fitting in with the times, with people being unable to get past any difficulties in relationships. We find out who can stomach a difference of opinion, and who pussies out the fastest. Use real people in love, but whom love themselves more.

The Bachelor

Follow an ugly, obese, filthy loser and discover why he’s a Bachelor… and likely to remain one.

The Bachelorette

See above.

The Jersey Shore Cliff

Image result for plastic people

Find the most vain, narcissistic, awfully plastic people possible, take them to the Cliffs of Jersey Shore and last one down, (in the fastest way possible) is the winner. 

The first series ended quickly as they all wanted to win so badly
that they pushed each other off in a mass extinction event. The winner? The audience!

Project Runway

Take a bunch of superficial skinny ass models, and drop them in a country plagued by famine to see what it's like to really starve.

Freelances in a school Science class as a skeleton.

Coming soon,

A New Video in the wonderful series of Nostalgia Videos of an era we'll never see again,

An addition in the surprising and rather sad series, Famous After Death

My Short Film  UNTOLD from 1997 on the confusion of Political Correctness and interpersonal relationships

plus more...! But no steak knives.