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A Refugee's Rage - Awesome New Trailer

Unwanted. Under the Radar. He'll survive, any way he can.

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A Refugee's Rage - Out Now !

It's available directly from the publisher here. (print only at this stage)

I will have copies in another week or so. You can still order through me, and get a bonus FREE PDF story, Revenge is a dish best served warm!

Book can be inscribed if you wish. Makes for a great present, to last a lifetime!

Both Stories are loosely based on true events. Except for the FREE PDF. That's definitely made up. 😅 Don't Miss it!

Please help me spread the word. I really do rely on you. I don't have the luxuries of a prominent publisher's publicity machine! But I guarantee you first class writing. And characters that are real. 
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Coming soon, The Brand New Trailer!

The Home Stretch - to Release

Two stories. Two individuals. One journey. One destiny.

Caught...  is the second novella inside the book.

This is a screenshot of the trailer I've made. It's much different than the pre-release Trailer, with lots of video in addition to text. I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to share it with you!

Finally, here is the poster which I will release when the book is out. Hopefully a few shops will let me put it up. Otherwise, it could be a sneaky drive around posting it to poles at night! Or maybe I'll print small versions for a letterbox drop. A lot of work I know. Will it make any difference? Hasn't in the past but you never know. It's a different book this time.

Pre-order through and get FREE Shipping! Offer only until book is out. 
Plus ALL proceeds to charity! PLUS a free pdf short story emailed straight away. ONLY through my site. Inscribed if you wish!

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Available Worldwide soon, including in ebook format.
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Famous After Death - Henry Darger

Famous After Death -  Henry Darger

A controversial figure whose work might not have seen the light of day had it been discovered in recent times. Not only visual art but fiction too. The work is quite bizarre. Much of his paintings represent angels as naked children, though there is no sexual suggestions of any kind. War is part of the subject matter and permeates the work.  He wanted to protected neglected children and often wrote himself into the narrative of his massive output of writings.
He died in 1973 aged 81. 

Have a look at the below images, which were done on massive canvases, then watch the great documentary which is posted below. Well worth your time or there's brief info below. You'll be amazed by this unique story.

The Vivian Girls

Henry Darger (American, 1892-1973) Untitled, n.d., Watercolor and carbon transfer on paper, 19 x 24 in. Collection of Robert A. Roth. Â© 2017 Kiyoko Lerner / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

It's not just about the paintings. He was a prolific writer too, though there's certainly questions whether he possessed 'normal' mental faculties. Much of the writing centered around gigantic battles with the Seven Vivian Angels as benevolent figures in the war against child slavery. 
That's part of the appeal of his unique output.

He lived in obscure poverty. His apartment was squalid. 

The unusual artistic merit, combined with the obscure life of its creator, granted him a place amongst the art world, though as he said just before his death, "You're too late." No one had known anything about his work until he could no longer look after himself and live in his apartment. 

'Discovered', just before his hospitalisation and death

His major work, In the Realms of the Unreal is over a staggering 15, 000 pages long.

There's even a band called Vivian Girls. Ah art inspiring art. 

More Famous After Death

Cynical plus My guts on display

I'm beginning a series of shareable Memes/Inspirational Author Quotes. I do hope you like them and can share them if you do. It all helps! 

The below poem was meant to close last year out.
Why I didn't post it I have no idea, but the sentiments remain. 

Spleen et idéal, by Carlos Schwabe, 1907

Write or Right

Write more from your life
He said
(Me to Me)
That’s what they want to hear
The ‘real’ truth
Beyond the poetry
Even if the words slice deeper
Than last minute surgery
Though haste often results
In a botch.

The guts of it
Is the genesis for yearning
Personal sacrifice irrelevant
Only intestines torn
And delivered
Is a worthwhile investment
Unless the folly of fashion
Frolics in the coloured pond
The dye of the ‘day’.

You’ll slip to the sidelines
With nothing substantial to cling to
As no one can shoulder sense

Against the Crowd of Now.

Anthony J. Langford  Ⓒ 2018

The poem speaks about writing from the heart and staying away from what's popular. I find a lot of poetry published today has the same type of technical approach. A certain way of phrasing. It's not for me. I generally like to make my poetry about emotion. And most of the time, I hope that it's accessible. Some like to re-edit until it's 'impressive.' Dress to impress. Some write to suit a particular publication, so it will be accepted. Fuck that. For me it's about rhythm and flow, emotion and irony. That's it. Keep it reasonably simple.

I hope you're well. Say hi if you wish. Have a good week. Keep smiling, even if you don't feel like it. You may just fool yourself.

Coming next,

A new Famous After Death, an artist you may not have heard of. He's certainly unique. Or was.