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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)


Street Scapes - Sydney 2018

I began taking photos with my phone of street-scapes in 2018, inspired by the obscure photographer, Vivian Maier (see my post on her), who took random street shots in the 1950's with no one realising she was taking a shot and no one seeing any of her photos until long after she had died.

Similar concept. It may look ordinary now but what it may look like to people in 50 years time?  The aim was to reach 100. I put this video together not long after. I can't recall how many of the 100 made it in.
Hope you enjoy it. A little snapshot in time. Pre-Corona.

Featuring Inner Sydney including Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, the City, Circular Quay, Ashfield, Summer Hill, Burwood, Dulwich Hill and more.

The New Anti-Aging Cream, that actually works! Here is WOWO!


Wax On, Wrinkles Off

Made from secret ingredients. However, we can tell you this – it contains real DNA! What better way to reverse the ageing process than to add real genes to our genius!

The cells within our bloodstream constantly rejuvenates our skin all the time. We literally have a new body every year thanks to dying skin cells being replaced with new ones! What if we could tap into those new cells, replicate it and add to our own ageing bodies to replenish the stock! Well, now you can! This amazing new cream will change your life forever.

The Proof!

It’s a little slippery, as it’s quite oily, but boy oh boy, it does the job! Here’s the trick. And while it sounds difficult, even a little silly, don’t let it put you off. You simply smear the oil on the bottom of your feet, then in the most comfortable way possible, (we find hanging off a couch works best, but if you’re really fit, you may be able to do it against the wall), then, to the best of your ability, rotate yourself 180 degrees. We want that oil to disappear into your skin and drain upwards, towards the brain. The oily properties seep out as they travel downwards, or in this case, upwards! Your body will literally renew itself from the feet up, all the way to the top of your head!

Now it will take a while to get to your face. We won’t lie about that, but if you put in the time, you will start to see the results. Your ankles will be shining like new in no time!

You can always watch TV or an iPad upside down. You can even prop a book against a pillow and read. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve in this position! Some people have even found it rekindles their libido! We’ll let you use your own imagination on that one as we could be in breach of some law, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Not quite what we meant

Watch your life be turned upside down, literally, as you fly back in time. Hell, they’ll be passing you off for a teenager in no time!

The Oil comes in easily dispensed hand pumps, or you can purchase our automatic super spray. A small hose connects to a drum and it automatically sprays onto your feet, at intervals that you control, from one minute, to one hour, so you don’t have to bother moving at all! We even manufacture our own diapers for those truly ambitious folks in a hurry to get the job done, so that they don’t have to waste time walking to the bathroom to get the job done!

WOWO Diapers. They work. He's 48!

When you see the results, you may even prefer life hanging upside down every available opportunity! If see someone in a supermarket tilting their head to read labels, guaranteed they’re 20 years older than they look!

Produced by

Skin Can Age Modern. (SCAM)

More Satire

What is the Dilemma of our Times? A Video Discussion

What are some of the major pitfalls with Social Media? What is the Dilemma of our Times?

An analysis through simple but heartfelt poetry from the collection, 'Commentators.'

Recorded in late April in the Lockdown Era.

Music of the Corona Era - LockDown #3 - May 2020

Music of the Corona Era 

Music is the Nourishment for the Soul
When there is no one else around, music will be your friend.

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LockDown #3 - May 2020

LockDown #2 - April 2020

LockDown #1 - March 2020

Virus - Seconds to the End - A Photo Song

Virus - Seconds to Death - A Photo Song

An amazing short portrait of the World during Feb - April 2020.
Set to an 80's classic you may not have heard.

Video Tribute - Vietnam War 1965 - 1970

I was reading the excellent novel Matterhorn, written by a Vet. I took to re-watching one of my favourite movies, Platoon. I was compelled to make this video.

(All images are from the video)

I was working it for several weeks before Anzac Day, the 25th of April. I worked on it furiously to finish it in time.

It's dedicated to my Uncle who served in 1971 and to my Grandfather who fought in the jungles of New Guinea in World War II and returned forever changed.
It also acknowledges the North Vietnamese Vets and especially the civilians who deeply suffered.

It's not a short video but I urge you to watch to the end as there is a type of narrative and the last few minutes are the most poignant.

Music from the period.

Watch Here:

Footage was sourced from different documentaries, official War Videos, private film footage, News stories etc. Most of it is from America but also Australia and North Vietnam.

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