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Australia in the 1940's - Video

Nostalgia Video

Left over from my Series of 10 put out in 2019.

Very short this one.
Re-edited by myself with additional music.
Footage sourced (mostly) from YouTube

Full Original Series of Ten Here

Coming Soon,

The Hopeless Romantic - A man walks into the Australian bush, recalling his past loves, with an eye to the Cliffs.

YouTube and Soundcloud versions.

Talented, tragic end - Famous After Death - Only 27

Famous After Death

Alain-Fournier (1886 - 1914)

Look at the face of that young man. Sharp intelligence. Very talented. A literary critic by 24. A poet. An essayist and a novelist. Dead by just 27. 

The son of a school teacher, Alain was forced to pause his studies in 1907 in order to do military service. By this time he had already published some essays, stories and poems. These were later republished in a collection called Miracles, ten years after his death.

During this time, he was thinking about the basis for his first novel, Le Grand Meaulnes. In Summer 1905, he had been taking a stroll along the bank of the Seine. He had met a young woman named Yvonne Toussaint de Quievrecourt. He became immediately enamored of her and tried to win her favour. However, he wasn't successful.

The following year, on the same day, he waited at the same place. But she did not appear. That night, he told his friend Jacques Riviere, "She did not come. And even if she had, she would not have been the same." 

They did meet again, but not until eight years later, when she was married with two children. How very sad. 

He placed her into his novel, calling her Yvonne de Galais. What a romantic!

The book was published in 1913. A highly regarded English translation appeared in 1959, called The Lost Domain.

He began a second novel but joined the Army as a lieutenant in August 1914. The War claimed him only a month later. His body remained unidentified until 1991. How tragic for his family.

On a side note, his friend Jacques had married Alain's younger sister Isabelle in 1909. 
Letters between the two young men was published in 1926 as well as letters to his family in 1930. Most of Alain's work was published after his death, such as notes and sketches for his unfinished second novel. Alain had become, Famous After Death. 

including Emily Dickenson, Nick Drake, Van Gogh, George Floyd, Hilma af Klint & more...

Coming Soon,

A Nostalgia Video of Sydney in the 1940's and The Hopeless Romantic

Deluded? Or smart...

I hope you're doing well.
A little one for you this week.


I never realised how far back it went
How entwined
In depth
Until self-deception dissolved.

Sure, I can pretend that I
‘Knew it all along’
That postmodern reflection
That saves the face
In lieu of
Facing the shame.

What do you think it means?
Can you relate?
Do you know people like this?
Are we all a bit like this at times?

Feedback welcomed.

Coming in March, the epic, Hopeless Romantic in Soundcloud and YouTube Versions. 

Hope you're having a good week.
Peace. 😎

A fresh look at a 1988 Short Film - Aussie Classic

New and Rare Images (set to cool music)

from a unique, heartfelt Aussie classic,

the 1988 short film Wilderworld.

(2020 edit)

To Our Brothers. Never Forgotten. 

To watch the original film, go to;

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Pros and Cons of Condoms

With Christmas not too far gone, it's a good reminder of whose birthday it was and how He came into being. 

Unless you subscribe to the ol' Immaculate Conception theory, (nudge nudge, wink wink-yeah right!), then it's time to plan for the future. 

Doms - To Don, or not to Don.

It goes without saying that condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. They can also prevent pregnancy, though not foolproof.
But what about the actual experience? For men and for women.

It's not often talked about, if at all, so we interviewed some random people off the street about how they felt (...) about using condoms. Most gave us weird looks and kept walking, but some were happy to er,... spill the beans.

(Names have been removed to protect privacy).

The men

"Ever been spray painted with plastic? Exactly."

"You want to know what it's like? Try being suffocated and being expected to answer a complex mathematical equation. Same deal."

"If my boyfriend's had Mexican, I ain't going in without some backup."

"Once the dom goes on, my ding goes doh!"

"I've been carrying one in my wallet for three years. It's still there. I'm more likely to pick up Bird Flu. I give up."

"No fucking way would I shag one without it! ... What?... Ohhh... When you said Pros, I honestly thought you meant, you know, pros."

"A charity hawker said I could save one life for a dollar. I told her I could save thirty and bought her a box of 'doms."

Cage that snake then shake and bake

The women*

"Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference. Maybe it was a bit smoother? Or did I imagine it? I was too preoccupied by his bad breath to notice."

"It was no different to my dildo. Except, unfortunately, there was a man attached to it."

"Kind of like being pumped with a plastic hose. Gross."

"Dried me up quicker than a hairdryer. Seriously, they're kinda like a sandpaper sandwich."

"Ever fucked a cucumber? Same thing. Actually, I kind of prefer a cucumber. At least you can have a salad afterwards.'

Wrap your meat before you beat.

"Tell him he's dreamin.' "

What's your thoughts and experiences? 

Do you get down and fantastic with the plastic? 

Or do you find you get more, in the raw?

Share your thoughts (but not your fluids).

More Satire

I won't say Coming Soon... Sex jokes. So lame. 😉

The Hopeless Romantic - an 80 minute audio visual extravaganza!
A Soundcloud audio only version and a YouTube version.

 A true story. (You can download the text pdf version here now).

Two free downloads and Good News!



I hope you are well, or at least, faking it enough to believe it. 

I've decided to make my first book, the novella Bottomless River a free download. It's a pdf so it will copy across to your kindle or device and work fine. Only 80 digital pages so a great, simple read. Based on many of my childhood experiences growing up on the river in a small, country town. One tragic night, everything changes. 

Synopsis on the rear cover

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I had a story accepted for a new anthology of short stories by Fechty Publishing

That was good enough until I received this certificate. 

It's a very different story from me about a young girl who composes a song on her guitar for her friend. 
Yet, there's a twist. Simple and moving. 

You can read it for free on my website HERE


Read the whole Anthology as it's also a free download direct from the publisher.


Have a good week. 

New Poetry coming up

but next week, a very cheeky piece of Satire.