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Can you fix yourself with a Broken Brain?


How are you going this week?

A lot of our problems in life are seen through the prism of our own eyes. So how can we solve certain issues when we can't get away from ourselves? Can a person who's depressed cure themselves?  

Here's a little video I put together called  Broken Brain based on a not very good time. I do hope you'll watch. It's short.

Watch HERE

What did you think? Do you have a broken brain?

Drop me a line or leave a comment on the post. Sharing the video really helps me too. I totally rely on you. People aren't flocking to my channel, much to their own chagrin, so we have to lead them there. 

Have a good week and if it's shitty, ask yourself if it's your broken brain in motion and if not, can you really alter things anyway? Many things are out of our control. 

One thing we can rely on though, is that change is a-comin.



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A positive new collection of diverse stories and poetry around the theme of connection.

Was it love, or something else? Us & Them - The 'Banned' poem


Hey there,

How you are you going this week? 

Two months until the release of a great new book with a rich mix of content.

Us & Them and the things in-between - an upcoming collection of stories and poems on connection and our ongoing search to find it. 

This poem was selected to be in the final book, but it wasn't until I was compiling the running order that I realised that it could be construed that it was about my ex-partner Sally, or any other ex. It isn't. It's a hypothetical. 

But many, if not all, of the poems in it are based on real people and situations, so I eliminated it to avoid confusion. The book is dedicated to Sally after all.

I like the poem. Sadly, it had to go. You may be able to relate to it however. I'm sure plenty can. 

Us & Them is out soon.

Wishless thinking



The heart burns with longing

They say

Yet, I know

It’s the lunchtime chilli.


I’m getting older

I suppose

And it’s oh so dull

Yet I miss you

Want you with me

Or at least

To see you once more

But do not try to imagine

What you’re up to

As that escalates the suffering.


It’s better to picture your smiling face

As I remember it


As I recall

You had a fierce temper

And were oft depressed

Which coalesced

Into many dreams

Deposited on my doorstop              

Ugly and spitting bile

Into my face

And putrefying

My once colourful and plentiful basket.


It’s only distance

And more prominently

Length of days

That has lessened your

At once sweet

And poisonous touch.


So, perhaps it is your physical attributes

I miss most           

Though I was so fresh then

That any caress

Was a firework parade.


Now that I’ve thought about it

I don’t miss you at all.



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Writing - How to overcome severe doubt and insecurity

Something very different this week. If not for you, perhaps someone you know. Even a student. 

Are you struck with insecurity?

Are you a writer who doesn't know where to begin?

Who struggles to find the confidence?

Hits roadblocks and can't get around them?

Writing Doubts

Here is some simple advice based on significant personal experience to help you overcome insecurity, not just in writing but hopefully in other areas of life too.

I still have those very intrusive doubts. Every time. 

I have to really work to get through it.


Books, Videos, Free Downloads and more

New videos and original posts coming soon.

As always, have a good week and if not, fake it until you believe it.



Guns and Legs - The Second (.5) Amendment

Guns and Legs*

The Second (.5) Amendment

*This article has been endorsed by the NRA. (Numbskulls with Regressive Attitudes). 


Hey man. If you're one of them offended types then piss off or just suck it up. This post ain't for pussies. It's for proper leg owners. 


The Second (Point Five) Amendment


1.     All citizens shall have the right to bear legs. A citizen can bear legs to protect the home and family, in case of intruders, burglars, rapists, serial killers, body part collectors, Democrats, homosexuals or an invading army.


2.     Stockpiling of legs is allowed. Especially around schools. Every school needs a ton of legs. You never know when you may need to defend yourself against another leg.


3.     Assault legs are allowed, though it is important to remember that legs don’t kill people, people kill people. It is not the leg’s fault. Poor legs. Sad face.


4.     The bearing of legs is also crucial to the protection of the family in case of marauding mutants or ninjas. (They will not help against zombies, as they don’t exist, don’t be silly. And in case they do, zombies prefer brains).


5.     Attractive legs, especially on females, are known to be as deadly as hideous ones. It has been documented that a hot pair of legs can stop a tank, ala Tiananmen Square style. (To all leg obsessed citizens unaware of the outside world, ie let alone its history; please scroll through a little thing called the internet).


6.     There is no issue regarding the use of athletes, so high-powered legs are acceptable.


7.     All legs are a potential threat, especially from a stranger. And never EVER trust the legs of a foreigner.


8.     Fat legs are also known to deter intruders, though the reflex response is generally slower. Best to use them as heavy artillery against a foreign force.


9.     Legs come in many forms, though legs of aliens should be hunted down and destroyed. Only pure legs are accepted.



10.  We will bear legs until Hell freezes over (though if very cold, purchase leg-ins). God help anyone who tries to stop us. Remember, the family that slays together, lies together. Uh, dies together... Amen.

Share if you dare, my brothers in arms. Er, legs.

(Written several years ago).

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Next post,

Writing with self-doubt. How to overcome?

Feel Good Video Series - #10 / 10 Vast



How are you going?

Here is the last one with the link to the rest. I think you'll like it.

journey by_t1na_dbj28w2

Thanks for being onboard. Please share if you can.

Feel Good Video Series - #10 / 10



Watch on YouTube HERE

Please give it a share. Someone out there needs it.

Watch the Entire Series HERE

Vast will be included in my upcoming story/poem collection, 

Us and Them and the Things in-between

Back with some well earned satire next week.



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Aussie girl charms Spanish locals on her 4th birthday


On her 4th birthday, an Aussie girl entertains Madrid locals 

We spent 6 weeks in Europe as her mother was there for work, so Tilly and I came along for a subsided holiday. When in Spain, she turned 4. We went out for dinner and this is what happened.


If watching on a phone and can't see the video above, then watch HERE

She was the cutest. And still is pretty great at 11 (not biased at all)

I made 6 edited videos of our trip, totalling 3 hours. I found this little segment in Part 2 and thought it was worth sharing. 

Back soon with the last Video in the Feel Good Series


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There's a Perve in a bookstore ( plus Opening Pages )


How you doing this week?

I have some good news. Better Read than Dead Newtown in Sydney now has copies of Perve. It's on the display shelf which is really great.

Gleebooks Sydney also has it.

You can get yourself a signed copy HERE 

or through your local Amazon (type in full name and title).

Opening page.

The story is told over a twenty year period. 

It opens with a trial then jumps back ten years. 


Part One


The Trial

Aged thirty-three


Almost everyone in this court has some sort of say as to my future, although I don’t get to tender a word. And yet, I’m the only one in the world who actually knows what happened. How does that make any type of sense?

My defence attorney wrapped up his closing arguments yesterday. This morning the Judge gave her instructions to the jury. That alone was an hour. It was all boring legalise but since then, the jury have been deliberating. I’m on edge. More than that, I’m scared. Truly. Perhaps for the first time. Not scared of what I’ve become. I always knew who I was. Well, from early teens anyway. Hell, most of us are aware of some sort of sexual feelings in childhood. Perhaps before we know what they actually are. We don’t suddenly emerge into knowledge. It’s a scattered, chaotic, struggle to understanding. Much like the coalescing cells that create life. Or the traumatic emergence from the womb itself. Do we ever recover from that shock?

I knew I had strong desires. And I somehow knew that I should keep them private. People rarely spoke about sex in those days. Not in public. Not in front of kids. I didn't know that adults talked about it all the time. Or actually did it. And masturbated. Indulged in pornography. Went to strip bars, sex clubs and did it with strangers in fluorescent bathed black corridors. I knew nothing. I thought I was the only one. That I was somehow indecent. That wanking made me a freak. A perve.

I know different now, of course. Many of us feel the same way. I grew to accept my interest in illicit, clandestine, sneaky sex, if you will. Consensual sex within the confines of a relationship is fine but I wanted it to be more exciting. More risqué. A stranger. Someone I just met. A pre-arranged hook up. A pick up in a bar or club. Someone who was in a position of authority over me. As I became older and more successful, I also wanted someone who was beneath me. Literally and figuratively. Sex with someone already in a relationship. Sex with someone married. Sex with someone I worked with. The thrill of the chase. The excitement of the unknown. All of that stuff.

Be careful what you wish for. It’s what got me into this nightmare. Now I'm facing the strong possibility of no sex. Or even worse. Prison sex. I’m not opposed to man sex per se. I've done it occasionally. Usually as a last resort, when there's been no access to females. Especially when I was younger. And especially when I was drunk. I imagine that being inside Cell Block H isn't exactly a pool of potential quality partners. Oh Jesus. Why am I even joking about this? This is exactly why I'm freaking out. And for very good reason. My arse could soon be on a carousal.

I look to the empty chairs where the jury normally resides. I can picture all of their faces. I’ve guessed their ages and given them names. I've even created histories for them. I bet I'm close to the mark. You can tell an awful lot about a person from the way they dress. The way they hold themselves. The little interactions with others, even if it's just a hand movement or glance. The way some of them have looked at the public gallery. The relatives. That alone has told me how they're going to swing. The way they've looked at me. Or not looked at me, as the case may be. That's almost as obvious as those who have given me the holistic, evil eye. Especially when you collate all this information over three weeks. They’re an open book. I am ninety five percent sure who has voted which way.

Signed copies HERE 

Please support your local, independent Aussie author
or simply treat yourself to a bold original, bold novel. 

Back soon with a heartwarming poem


Feel Good #9 / 10 - Redefine

farewell by t1na_dcmidx6 at deviant


Feel Good Video Series - #9 / 10


Watch Redefine 

Please give it a share. 

Earlier Feel Good Video Playlist HERE

Have a good week, or fake it until you feel it.



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