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You won't believe these new Sports added to the Chinese Winter Olympics

2022 Chinese Winter Olympics 

Sensational New Competitions! 

For the first time in History, a collection of new Sports will be introduced to the Winter Games.

Whether they make it beyond the '22 Games is another story as they are unique to the Ruling Communist Party with it's special track record on human rights.


1. Disappear the Dissident (China has an excellent track record on making people disappear so this will a tough competition for other competitors!)

2. Lacerate A Lung (While on the Run)

3. Cut out the Kidney (While the Olympian sleeps. If they wake, you lose!)

4. Falun Gong Fatality, where the athletes must complete the fastest Smash and Dash! Sure to catch on in other countries. Just like Pokemon Go. But real! 

5. Freeze a Frenchman       

While they did Freeze a Frenchman, unfortunately he loved it. Strike!

6. Strangle a Swede

7. Hang the Hungarian

8. Murder a Mongolian

"Raise him up another 10 inches. His dead feet should sway in the wind."

9. Lynch the Lithuanian

And the kids favourite, number 10, Castrate a Canadian! Don't Drop those Balls!

While she did catch the ball, the other rolled away. Strike!

The Olympians will be well fed. Try these local delicacies. Real Rat Kebabs! Yum!

Read More about China's excellent Fast Food Frenzies! 

Can you think of any more Sports? 

China's excellent Fast Food Frenzy! 

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