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What do you think of Perve - The Novel's Cover Designs?


How are you? Things are moving for the next novel release. Still aiming for mid to late February.

Malcolm is a cocky young man with everything going for him. Beautiful partner. Career on the rise. He also has a strong sex drive but is he a pervert? He soon finds himself in a world of shit. Whether he deserves what happens to him is for you to decide.

Is this world ready for a different viewpoint? There are many stories. Many complexities in life. These are the areas I like to explore. Not the worn path. 




Here is my initial version that I created and then some prototypes that the designer presented, based on my 'bars' idea. 

I loved this image and tried to contact the photographer. I found several of her profiles but could not get a response. The photo was from 2014. It's all over the internet so decided best to start with something  original.
A shame, as it's a bold, cheeky and creative shot.

Here is the 'Bars' concept:

What did you think of those?

I had another quick throwaway idea I had before the 'bars' concept. I'll call it the 'phone' concept. This idea actually turned out a lot better. So after some tweaking, it's good to go. Stay tuned!

The tag and author name will look as presented here.
I wanted the title deliberately spaced out like the title for the original Alien film

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Even if you decide it's not for you, (and I hope you do give it a go), I really would appreciate any help in sharing. Word of mouth is all I have. Publishers throw many thousands of dollars at publicity. I just can't compete with that. I'm a single working dad with a mortgage. I need your help!

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