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Lost for 22 years - 60 Sec Theatre: Trauma - featuring Sal

60 Second Theatre

Filmed Xmas '98

Edited Early '99

Lost circa 2002.

Forgotten about.

Raw footage rediscovered Feb '22. Re-edited.

Presented to you. NOW!

In-between '98 and 2000, Sally and I created some silly and sometimes awesome  60 Second Theatre videos. Little skits that were meant for friends and family in the days before the internet. (Before video hit the internet anyway).

One of them was lost to time. The edited version being on VHS. Somehow it was misplaced and forgotten about, for over twenty years. 

After Sally passed away, I began getting old tapes transferred and came across the original footage. I had to put it back together again. 

So, here it is. Unfortunate that Sal couldn't see it but she did see it at the time.

Watch HERE

The girls were all great. The guys, not so much. 

Here's the Best One. Pasta La Vista - Love doesn't come Al Dente in 11 mins.

There is another one I filmed with my brother that I've never uploaded but I will soon. It's called Hit or Myth. About a unique game of cricket.

Hope you got a laugh out of it. 

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  1. Pasta La Vista! Wow - that was hot and raunchy, violent fun. Looks like you two had a great time together. You impressed me with the backwards somersault.
    Thanks for sharing this, Anthony.

    1. Haha Thanks for watching Robyn. We did have a lot of fun. Good memories to have. She never lost that cheeky spirit. So very sad that she is gone. But great to be able to see her like this.


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