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A Free Pdf - The Streets have the last laugh

Download here, a file of Ten Vignettes (poems) based around the theme of The City.

It's called, The Streets have the last laugh. 

Mary Clanahan   City Life 

Why are you still here? Go! 

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  1. That was a great compilation Anthony! Really good work. I liked everyone of them, and could totally related to several.

    One part is still clanging around in my head. It's the second sentence (1 of 2) in Slaughter Spotlight. It is so long (in a good way) and just keeps pounding to the end. When I read it the second time, I could hear (in my mind's ear) Eminem's voice doing a "stream of consciousness" delivery emphasizing every small phrase in a staccato rhythm that gets more aggressive with each one.

    After writing all that I wondered if it would be the same if I read it again. So I just did, (to convince myself that I'm not crazy). It was the same, except this time his voice was more angry.
    Whew! I also just download One Simple Song and will read it after dinner. Great work my friend!

    1. Thanks Pat. That's great of you. Im sorry its taken this long to respond. Im not getting notifications on comments. Ill have to look into it.
      That's very interesting that youre hearing that voice, but very glad that you arent going crazy. There's still time of course.... ;) .. for us all.
      I really appreciate it Pat. Your time and thoughts.
      Cheers my friend.

  2. I just read One Simple Song.
    Really great writing Anthony. I really FELT all three parts.

    1. Oh thank you so much Pat. I really appreciate you taking the time out. So very few do, so that's mighty awesome of you. It was inspired by my daughter who is learning the guitar.


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