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18 January 2015

My Year in Publishing - 2014


2014 was my second most productive year, though unlike the two years prior, no book was released. There are no plans for books this year either, though my seven novels remain unpublished. I also have several collections of poetry that could be released, if I can find a willing publisher.

Here are the poems and stories that were published, some with links if you missed them. Cheers.

Image of The Blue Hour Volume ThreeJan
Vavaya – To belong to…

Linnet’s Wings – Plath
Zygote in my Coffee – Pressing
                   -  Miscalculation before reflection

Muddy River Poetry - It's cold out there
Black Fox Literary Magazine - When late night TV was cool
                                                Fizzle faith
                                                Extinct still here
                                                Apprenticeship in bloom

East Coast Lit Review - The person formerly known as me
Poetry Quarterly - Birthright

Bareback Magazine - Accidental

Stock Shack Magazine (Netherlands) - My daddy used to say
MIC Lit Journal - Thailand - The Thing

Gold Dust (UK) - When fortune turns towards you

Miracle - Light, Shade and in-between
Perihelion - It's the last great ice shelf!

Perihelion Science FictionNov
Subtopian - (All five poems here)
A very open wound
Welcome to La La Land
Skank Stepper
Hit on Hit Out
The night journeymen (boys)

Anthony J. Langford | 'My Daddy Used to Say…' Illustration by Michael Ilkiw
(From my Story Shack piece) Michael Ilkiw Illustrator

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11 January 2015

The Bloody Unified

We are Not Anonymous
We are not Veiled
Nor hide behind Fake profiles
And Obscure accounts.

We are Here
We are Not Afraid
We are Unequivocal
In our Propriety
And you will not Dissuade us.

We will continue to Embrace
Those Divergent from us
No matter the Hate
You direct towards us
Nor the Ignorance
You wish to stir up.

We will never Abandon
Our right to Transparent speech
Our right to Embrace
The religion of our Choice
or to remain non-believers.

We believe in the Individual
and Community
We believe in Respect
And Empathy
Not resentment
And destruction.

We are Tenacious
We are Unified
We, the Immutable Collective
Bloody, but Resolute.

..and let's not forget the Muslim worker who saved people inside the Jewish Supermarket.
A remarkable act of bravery and a real fuck you to those who would see division.

I wasn't planning this on being my first post of the year, but felt compelled.

Happy 2015

I hope that something special happens in your life this year and that overall, 
despite the down moments, it's generally positive. So many horrible things have already
taken place and it makes me anxious. Let's hope and work towards better things for all.

A reminder that I save my work for submissions, 
but always aim to bring you good work, whether poem, video poem or article. 

If you do like a particular piece, please share. Without you I'm nothing.
See you soon.

More Poetry.

21 December 2014

Merry Christmas to you and yours

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, no matter what you're doing.

I want to thank you for your support throughout the year, whether you commented, or shared something or even only read a few poems or articles, I appreciate it. There is so much demand for our attention these days, and with so much crap in the airspace, it's easy to become distracted and waste our time. I hope I haven't wasted yours.



A couple of very good friends made the finalists at Tropfest this year and won an award.
It's less than 4 minutes and I urge you to check it out. Here.
Look at it as a Xmas present.

17 December 2014

People of the Sydney siege - a poem

          I wrote this the day the siege ended (16.12.14), before I really knew about the Pakistani massacre, which was by far a  more horrific event, but which in no way diminishes the horror of the Sydney siege. All of the politics and bullshit aside, there is the human element which should never be overlooked.

(On a personal note, my daughter's mother was only a few blocks away and was in lockdown at her work. It was quite worrying, especially in the early hours when nobody knew what was taking place.)

Poem for the people of the Sydney siege

A bright Monday morning
Like many others
Aside from the expectant hum
Of a looming Christmas
And the purpose laden crowds.

When a spectre emerges
A court jester escapee
Driven and deranged
Seizes the day
Blocking out the sun.             

The night draws its cloak around us
Closing off options
Shutting out the world
Narrowing all hope
To this.

The only place left on earth
The last place
To wish to be.

When familiar adored faces
Beam elsewhere
The brush of fingers – a trail
The soothing, all-encompassing joy
Of a mere hug
A paradise lost
And all that has ever mattered…

Will it come again?
A forgotten land
A discarded map
History rewritten
To encapsulate the new theme
The alternate slant of light
With a permanent stain
The dark brutality strikes
To alter the spectrum
For us all

With the fallen
Left in its wake.


I’ll wait for you alone
By a tree
A river
A front door
I’ll meet you there
In that place
Far from here
In tomorrow
Or yesterday
A time alternate
It matters not
Envelop me
And I’ll commit a lifetime.

Rest In Peace
Thoughts with the victims and their families and all those held hostage that day.

16 December 2014

Top Ten Songs 2014 - No. 5 - 1.

Click Here to See tracks 10 to Six.

Best Five Tracks of 2014

In no particular order.

Chvrches - Strong Hand was an extra track on the Special Edition version of their 2013 album, which wasn't released until early 2014. Though not officially a single, it should have been.

The Kassassin Street Band - The Royal Handkerchief Ballet

Spoon - Do You

Tears for Fears - My Girls

A cover but it's hard to deny how effective it is. Their last album ('05) was brilliant but long overdue for new material. This proves they can still cut it.

Future Islands - Seasons-Waiting on You

Chvrches, Tears for Fears and Kassassin Street Band are from the UK, the others are from the U.S.

If you missed them, numbers 10 to 6 here.

There wasn't much difference between the Top Ten and the next 10-20 songs. I don't believe in certain music being that much better than others. Favourites are individualistic in nature. Yet I recommend you check them out if you like what I displayed here. There's always great music; some years, it's just harder to find.

Thanks and cheers.

In good company with:

Perfume Genius - Queen
The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers
Seasurfer - We Run
Delta Spirit - From now on
David Gray - Mutineers
Sereialarm - Miragem (Download their album for free here.)
Spotlight Kid - A Minor Character
Miracle Fortress - Even In America
One of These Days - My Name is You
Stars - No one is lost
Screaming Maldini - Islands
Suntalk - Darkness
The Naked and Famous - A Stillness
The Flaming Lips - Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy
Sounds like Sunset - Somebody like you

Best songs of 2013

13 December 2014

She tried to cross the bridge in a flood

She underestimated the power of nature.

New story Don't bring me Down - at One Page Lit.

Please share if you like it. It's never easy getting the words out there. One Page is a good publication too. They offer a voice for the underdog. With the amount of snobbery in the Australian Literary scene (and the world in general), God knows we need it.


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09 December 2014

Top Ten Songs of 2014 No. 10 - 6

In no particular order.

The History of Colour TV - The People Who are Close to You

Tennis - Never Work for Free

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Eurydice

Cold War Kids - First

Spookyland - The Silly Fucking Thing

The first band is German, the last Australian. The rest are American.

Next post, the Top Five.

Best songs of 2013

08 December 2014

The Fat Albert Blues - a new poem by Bill Cosby

Hey hey Hey!

Gunna have a good time!

I've brewed up a fine old concoction today!
Time to find me some white bitches
and have a lil one sided play.

Now don't ya go believin' all that hype
Daddy still got what it takes
I can match it with a humpin' pit bull
when I is on the make.

All I need is a lil celebrity alone time
A drink and one little capsule
Time for a lay me down
And then I get my hands full.

I been doin' it so long
That if they make a fuss
I pay them off with a song
And dump their ass on the shuttle bus.

Ain't nobody messin with
The greatest TV dad in history
Mom's the word yo
Keep that shit a mystery.

Hey hey hey!


24 November 2014

Should the word c**t be used in a poem?

Slut and other inappropriate words

So... this word that begins with C. Is it right for a poem? 

Five Poems at Subtopian

Decide for yourself. I used it in a poem, as well as other nasty words.
As with much of my poetry some of the stories below are based on actual events.

Here are snippets of the poems in question.

Skank Stepper

She was a dirty ganger  
They said
A push-up bra selfie junkie slut...  

A very open wound

There are better things than hellos
There are worse things                                                                                                                  
Than goodbyes...

The Night Journeymen (boys)

The night is ours
Our town
We are teenage chieftains...

Hit On or Hit Out

...Her expression changed to
that of the shocked, amused, horrified
All at once.
She tried to slap me.

Welcome to La La Land – A True Story

I’d spent a week in hospital in Ireland
After having my head kicked in...

This particular publication is quite subversive so I went through my unpublished collection and pulled out these er, gems. Know your market as they say.

You can Facebook comment at the bottom of the Subtopian page.
Please help me and them out by making us know that you're reading, even if you don't like them.

All five poems here in one page.

More of my Poetry here.

16 November 2014

Dr. Bale has some serious issues

Warning: Not for the easily offended.

Perihelion Science Fiction
Click to go to Perihelion

After some considerable time, my story, It's the Last Great Ice Shelf! is finally available for people to read. They've shortened the title. As you can ascertain, it was more relevant some years back. I first wrote the story in 2006. It's been through quite a few drafts. Yes it was rejected numerous times but it's also sat forgotten on my computer so it's great to see it out in the world. It's up to you now to read it and share it and give it life. Without you, it's still dead.

Jesse Jennings
From the Front Cover of the Nov 14 issue

More Stories.

13 November 2014

Berlin Wall and I - 25 Years

November, 1989

In 1989 I was a young chap making my way overseas for the first time when the Soviet Union collapsed. It was November and I was in London. A friend and I caught a plane to Berlin to witness history in the making. It was an incredible experience.

The joy is evident. The atmosphere was incredible. It was like New Year's Eve. Not possessing a chisel I was unable to snare a piece of it. People were going crazy trying to garner a souvenir and every little crumb of it was scooped from the ground. There was only a couple of holes in it at that stage.

I went through Checkpoint Charlie to East Berlin and literally went back in time some thirty plus years. Advertising on walls was faded and long out of date. Everything I saw was drab, dreary and depressing. Poverty appeared universal. It was also cold, as you can see with ice on the bonnets.

I have other photos but they are in an album somewhere. These were scanned, hence the streak marks. I have shots of Checkpoint Charlie too as we had to pass through there to get in. I've never put these online before, so thought it was time to share them.

This was one of the albums I was listening to at the time. Street Fighting Years by Simple Minds. It bore the No.1 song Belfast Child. The song Mandela Day pre-empted the release of Mandela two years later. It was a time of change, no doubt.

08 November 2014

Famous After Death #5 - The Rambling Guy

Robert Johnson

One of only three verified photographs

The actual life of Robert is somewhat a mystery. For the last six years of his life, he traveled from city to town along America's Mississippi Delta, often changing his name along the way. Even his death, at the young age of 27 in 1938, is open to conjecture, as is the location of his grave.

Robert sung and played the blues, basically on street corners and juke joints. He became famous decades after his death thanks to the skill of his songwriting and guitar playing . In 1936 and 1937, Johnson recorded 29 songs in Texas and that was the extent of his recording career. Eleven 78 records were released during his lifetime. Fortunately the original recordings survive along with multiple takes. It wasn't until a compilation reissue was released in 1961 did his fame take hold.

We've all heard the story, that Johnson made a pact with the devil to secure his fame, apparently documented in the song Crossroads. It's certainly central to the Johnson mythology, of which there is much discussion.

You may be aware of the 1986 movie Crossroads, based on a search for Johnson's missing 30th song. The film wasn't a hit, but Ry Cooder's soundtrack was.

The reality of Johnson's life is that he was a poor black man in thirties American South. Fate dealt a tough hand from the outset. He also had a reputation as a womaniser. He fathered a child with one woman and married another, Caletta. She died in childbirth and he hit the road again. His early demise is a mystery. Some say syphilis. There is also a real possibility that he was murdered, perhaps by fraternising with the wrong woman.

We do know that Robert was a blues itinerant, a travelling man, a rambling man. He had talent and gave the world 29 songs. There's much more to the story, open to debate, more than can be covered here. I suggest you do your own digging. What we can be certain of, it that others have been profiting from his music and legend, long after he left this earth.

Official site

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