Nice to see you.

Books: Eclectic story collection Pseudo Stars out now!

2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)

Happy memes - Positive Creations

Here are two new memes I made in the past few days. 
Please feel free to copy and share.
It has my website on it too so it helps me, plus I think it's a worthwhile message.

This last one Creation, is from a series I created last year called The Feel Good Ten
(Creation is No.5) You can download all ten in one pdf right here

Best New Talent at Short n Sweet Festival Sydney

I don't know about New, but I'll take the rest...

For writing and directing Three Little Words.

I'm in back under the letter 'w' haha

In front this time

Seems a lot of fuss for a ten minute play. But there was 130 of them! (from over 1000 submitted scripts and 500 participants).

And after 30 years, I'll take it! Gladly! 

I'll upload the performance (sans audience) soon.

L-R Matt (Actor), me and Pete (Festival Dude)

Coming Soon,

More Poetry,
and my short film from 1994, Born in a Storm


Play concludes - My main man Tom, wins Best Actor!

Three Little Words - Closing Night 

Crew's Choice Finals - 29th/30th March, 2018

Waiting for Godot - I mean, Tom (post interval)

'I'm an alcoholic.' 

Closing Curtain Call

Announcement Time

Best actress

Tom holding up his free course, as reward for BEST ACTOR

Tom and I - with the cups from the play

Best Play Cast and Director (right)
The Latino Showcase, brought out from LA to perform their winning play, LEARNING TO FALL.
Director Left, Actors (Right, Mick & Elena) with a fan.

Short n Sweet's Pete Malicki with one of the Latino stars, Elena Rojas. 
Lydia Kelly in the foreground.