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U.S. Home Movies - Rural life 1940's

Nostalgia Video

U.S. Farm Life

# 5 / 10

Sourced from YouTube - re-edited with new music by myself. I really love the simplicity of their lives, as hard as they must have been for the adults.

Still, there was something wonderful about those days.

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No.s 1 - 4 Nostalgia Videos

Lauded little late - Cue Applause

Controversial figure (Shrine)

They said about him
As though everything he’s uttered
Was significant
Rather the more realistic
Fragments of genuity
That floated equally with falsity
And exaggeration
And the substandard.

Polarising, they decried
To the Heavens
And the literary field
Abruptly littered with his name
Embedded eternally
Since his passing
Though barely mentioned before
Like a cockroach
In an acclaimed gallery.

Now every generation
Sprouts from him
(as thy would have it)
If only he were here
To acknowledge the acceptance.

More Poetry

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More on my new Book, A Refugees Rage
A new entry in the Nostalgia Video series

Ballsy return - Sporting CumBack

Marathon Man Returns

aka The Teste Warrior makes a CumBack

Lance Armstrong has vowed to return to the sport which caused his greatest downfall, cycling.

The busted drug cheat has sworn off drugs and says he has a new feather in his bow, an extra testicle. Mr Armstrong will be undertaking revolutionary surgery next month, in what could be a world first. A testicle implant. Mr Armstrong lost his original right testicle in his early twenties after an unfortunate accident on a robotic bull. For many years, he ploughed on with only one. Now he says the extra meat in his sandwich will give him that super testosterone boost that other men have naturally.

‘That’s the only reason I took testosterone enhancers in the first place. To give me back what was rightly mine to begin with.’

Sick of being teased as a young man with such awful terms as Half a Man, He Dropped the Ball Armstrong, Mr. 50%, Packing Half the Load, Where's your other half, All meat but No Potatoes, Arm-strong, Balls-weak, All crazy but no nuts, Lance took to cycling to get his revenge as it were.

‘I may have only one ball, but I can shag as well as the best,’ he said at the time. ‘It just takes me twice as long. Hey, some ladies like that! Unfortunately, I can’t deliver a full sample of juice, but who’s measuring?’

The Power of One
After his multiple Tour De France wins, it eventuated that Mr Armstrong was using drugs for all those years, giving him an extra advantage. Whether it helped him perform better in the sack was never investigated. One ex-lover, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said he was even worse in bed after his drug taking began. ‘He kept looking in the mirror during love making, instead of me, and practised victory speeches in French. It was so off putting. How he never tested positive for all those years, I don’t know. I can tell you that he definitely tested positive for being a wanker.’

'He was always a tosser.'

Lance promises his new, 3D printed testicle will return him to the world stage and new victories. ‘Just you wait until you see me in lycra again. I’ll be packing!’

Lance and Cadel: 'Even his handshake is half a grip.'

Cadel Evans, a man who lost the 2007 Tour to Lance said, ‘It won’t matter if he’s got five balls. He’s still a huge prick.’

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More Satire

A New Book - Rage of the Refugee

Hot News!

This July, my new novella, A Refugee's Rage, will be released through Ginninderra Press.

A homeless teenage boy lives in a park in Central Rome. He’s not the only one. There are other foreigners on the streets and many of them are young. Yet an encounter with an Afghani girl will have a powerful impact and alter both of their destinies forever.

It also comes with a second novella, (or long story), in the same book.

Caught... between love and loss. 

A man plans to build a house by his own hands in the country, but fate has other plans in store.

Both are different in terms of story and how they're written, yet there are common themes. The journey of the self. The notion of destiny. The impact of romantic love. The reality of unknown events affecting our lives.
They are both short but powerful stories and I'm proud of them both. As with much of my writing, certain real events are contained within the fiction.

The image above is part of the original artwork I purchased to be on the front cover. I'm excited for the artist, I'm excited for the book and I'm excited for you!

More info to come soon...

U N T O L D - Short Film

What the hell was all that about?

You tell me... 

Old British Cinemas - Nostalgia Series No. 4

Nostalgia Video 

#4 / 10

Re-edited with new music by Anthony J. Langford
from 3 YouTube videos by Michelle Stone

No. 2  Pictures of Old Sydney 1900 and beyond

No. 1  Wartime to 1930's Melbourne 

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The Short Film, UNTOLD, finally 22 years after it was made. Not for everyone.