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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)


Pictures of Old Sydney - 1900's and Beyond

Nostalgia Video #2 / 10

Music by Michael Nyman.

The Series will continue approximately monthly.

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Desecration - For the Christchurch Victims


Poem for the Christchurch Victims



There’s a madness
In the barrel bottom
Dross left behind
A stinking mislaid residue
Of what was once good.

It’s volume tiny
Yet septic
Enough to stain
Permanently through malignity
Despite its ultimate insignificance
Not a tragedy
But a calculated depravity.

Delicate souls
Merely seeking solace
From everyday woes  
And the types of him
Sanctuary not enough
To protect from the ideologies
Of the wanton blind.

We empathise
With their suffering
But cannot share it
And hope that we never have to
That hope that was theirs,
That most brutal theft
Never to be retrieved.

Online Dating - with conditions

App Dating

Have you tried it? Found yourself wasting hours? And hours? Chats that go nowhere fast. Fake profiles. Perhaps it should be rephrased as Nap Dating. I've tried several of these Apps, many strategies and many coffees (with a No Fireworks, No Follow Up Clause). 

Some successes, many 'pass on by's' but mostly no responses and it's 'all too difficult.' 

Who wants a real person anyway? They're only flawed, right? 

I want a custom designed human (as though from ebay) to slot into my already full schedule. After all, we're all so busy these days! There's so much choice. I can just keep looking. And looking! And looking... a n d ..zzzzzzz

Bring on the sexbots, that's all I can say.

(I lie,*  I'll say this too. Read poem below.) 

Open / (with Conditions)

I’m busy
Here and here
And leave this free for that
I’m available
And so happy (with emoji grin)
To squeeze you in
Providing you first meet
All criteria
(Produces The Checklist).

I may change my mind regardless
With a no notice clause
Ghost you
Like online garbage.


Related image

What's your experience with Online Dating?

If you've been on these apps, you'll know what I mean. For many people, it's little more than a digital ego boost, much like securing a love-heart Like!  
Endorphin rush. Next!

('Dating apps are basically slot machines - there's the promise that you're going to find something good, and every once in a while you get a little positive reinforcement to keep going,' David Greenfield, Center for Internet and Technology Addiction.)

* A lie? Damn. I must be flawed too! 

Next, a wonderful Nostalgia Video of Old Sydney with new music and edit. 

More Satire

The Last Shuffle - A Short Play

I'm directing a new play, a nice, swift ten minute comedy called The Last Shuffle, written by a first time writer who is 87!

Synopsis: Jean and Iris are frustrated. They’re fed up and they want out. They’ve seen and done it all, yet they have a dream. Should they invest all their money into one final grand adventure? Will they find love, (or lust), one last time? The minds are willing and the bodies are able. Just. There’s only one problem. They’re both in their eighties and living in a Nursing Home.

It's part of The Short and Sweet Festival. If you're in Sydney, please come along!

The writer, Teresa Plane

Melbourne - Wartime to 1930's

This is the first in a series of 10 Nostalgia Videos. I'll post a new one every month.

The vision sourced (mostly) from YouTube. I then re-edited it and added music. In some instances I 'colourised' the footage.

I made them for the Nursing Home I work at to screen before the weekly matinee movie. We begin with a short one, just four minutes.

I hope you enjoy them. It's wonderful to have such documentation of the past. (One is set in the U.S. The rest in Australia, from 1910 to 1970).


Melbourne - Wartime to 1930's

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