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'I made mistakes' - A parent's love

A month without my daughter...
...made June 2017....

I wouldn't have shared this...

..I changed my mind.
Today... the day of her return.


Myth and lies

May the stars align for you and us all this year.
Thought I'd kick it off with a very simple poem. If you like please share.



Career is the con
You carved into slices
And lauded
All over again.

Mythical journey

Top 5 Songs of 2017 and Festive Wishes

Another year over and we're all still here.
Well, not all of us, but there are certainly more of us!

I hope you had a decent year. We can't always be on top, but I hope that you were mostly happy.
Our public faces are often the bravest ones. On the surface it may look like I've had a great year with a book out, but still struggle as I always have with a few things which I won't go into and buck the current trend of airing all my issues, playing victim and waiting for sympathy.
(Shit, where did that come from?)

Still, we push forward and if we can't push, we get dragged along anyway as there's only one direction and I really hate that band for ruining the expression.

Onwards and upwards my friend!

Merry Christmas.

Top 5 Songs

In no particular order.
Another 20 songs could have made this list, but I'll go with these.