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Melbourne - Wartime to 1930's

This is the first in a series of 10 Nostalgia Videos. I'll post a new one every month.

The vision sourced (mostly) from YouTube. I then re-edited it and added music. In some instances I 'colourised' the footage.

I made them for the Nursing Home I work at to screen before the weekly matinee movie. We begin with a short one, just four minutes.

I hope you enjoy them. It's wonderful to have such documentation of the past. (One is set in the U.S. The rest in Australia, from 1910 to 1970).


Melbourne - Wartime to 1930's

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I wish… (Parent > Child)

I wish…

I wish
We could always be this way
Tight as knots
Quick to laughter
Easy to let go
Of disagreement
Effortless, to create that hug.

I wish
I could always

Be so impressive
So influencing
On your perceptions
So able to fill
Those willing spaces
In your quest
For answers.

I wish
I could

Always make you feel
As secure
And loved
And safe
As now
As life will always interfere
To try and trip you up.

I wish
I could maintain your ignorance
To the negative possibilities
Of human behaviour
As you are now.

As much as I look forward
To the incredible person
You’re developing into
I wish time would slow
For us
So I could savour
Your journey
Just that bit longer.

I hope
For your future
That the world
Will be supportive
And steady
For you to live within
No less than the structure
That we know now
And hopefully a lot more.

When you get there
I hope that
You won’t be disappointed
By the real person
I am
With all my flaws
As I am as human as the rest.

Most of all
I hope that our bond
Is as sturdy as now
Until the end…

My greatest achievement
My favourite person
My daughter.


Photos also from 2017

The eerie ghosts of Pompeii

I shot this in 2009.
It felt haunted to me.

Not hard to see why.

It's a special place in the world.

Very possibly it is haunted.

(I really like the music in this video too.)

Music by
Ennio Morricone
From the soundtrack to Once Upon a Time in the West
Doves - Darker ( b-side)

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Self-sacrifice - Love Collection Bonus #2

Allowing a Love to Die

Bonus / Deleted Poem #2

It remained in the collection right up until just before the final decision.
I thought the book was big enough. Less is more. Right?

Head off at the pass 

There’s little 
To draw from 
A trickle 
Once a tenacious flow 
Now bare moisture on rocks 
Passion monochrome 
Sucking in air 
Suffocating fish gasps. 

Inevitability laden 
It all ends  
Though remains unexpected 
Sharp revelations  
The lover who finally 
Called it void 
When optimism kept you breathing. 

Betrayal is often obvious 
(For the discerning)  
Therefore self-sacrifice 
Is the ultimate victor