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Interview with Author Travis Little on his new book, Megan

Travis Little 

Travis – Thank you for agreeing to have a chat.

Tell us briefly what your new book, Megan, is about?

It’s about a young woman with psychic abilities. She works for a company who offer alternative solutions for energy companies. Megan believes that she has found a powerful energy source located in an abandoned house. She convinces the company to bring in a close protection officer, or bodyguard, to help her locate it. There’s a reason why he has been brought there though, and other reasons for the company to allow this to go ahead. The story is part fantasy, part horror.

Was it difficult to write? How long did it take?

Initially not, but it got much darker than I first intended. It’s a lot different to my other work I feel, so quite keen to hear people’s views on it. From the original idea to the last draft, it took about two years. A long time for me. It got delayed by the day job and a couple of scenes whose direction I wasn’t sure on for quite a while.

Do you have a set way to write?

I tend to follow the same format. Usually the stories start from an image or a thought I get surrounding a theme. My previous books have dealt with hope and healing. Megan is primarily about energy and its different forms.
Once the idea is formed I generally have the start and ending straight away. I leave if then to follow a planned route of scenes and ideas.
Writing in the morning is the best time for me, when the mind is sharper and clearer. Usually it’s on my main computer at home. I keep a notebook with me most of the time, but mainly that for rough ideas and scenarios, or anything that has caught my eye and stuck in the mind.

When did you first begin writing seriously? 

What led to the decision?

I never actually decide to write. Around 2008 I read a book called Season of the Witch by South African author Natasha Mostert. It’s a fantastic book which blew my mind open. At the time I was new to social media and contacted her saying how much I had enjoyed her book. I got a wonderful reply and we have kept in touch since. The story The Gift in my book Entangled is dedicated to her and was a challenge to write a story by the next Christmas. The seed was planted and I have been writing since.

How do you find the world of publishing today?

An increasingly difficult time for authors. Not just for those looking to break into the market, but for more and more established authors. Seem to be cutting throats that have already been cut. Many are drawn now to self-publishing as the internet enables anyone to get a book published, but without the backing of a major publisher, you are a very small fish in a vast ocean. Trying to make a living out of writing is becoming increasingly difficult as every company is cutting back. Every single day illegal copies of people’s work are available across the internet. Too many people wanting work for free, not caring about how the lack of finance to the author affects them. If I want in Starbucks and asked for a free drink or a sample of one of their drinks top see if I liked it? Wonder how far I would get?

What would you like to achieve in the coming years? 

And what are you working on right now?

Ideally it would be to quit the day job and be able to write full time. To know I’m increasing my audience and making readers see things in a different way is enough for now though. To get feedback off readers about my work is what keeps me writing. To know you have connected with them and touched or moved them in some way is very rewarding.

Thank you for the chat Travis. I hope it all goes well.

Megan on Amazon

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My video tribute to the Pacific War - with a very personal element

I put this together for the residents of a Nursing Home that I work at part time. (I run the weekly movies - they have a big screen, and I often play shorts before the film).

The footage was sourced from YouTube and I've added music, the colour scheme to add to the locations featured, and tried to create a type of narrative, while throughout, hoping to be respectful of those who fought, on both sides, as well as the local peoples who must have also suffered greatly.

Look out for two local men amazed at the sight of a plane.

It mentions the Kokoda Track so there is a Australian/New Zealand component. I also want to mention my grandfather who fought in Papua New Guinea and who was very sick and spent a year in hospital over there. He almost didn't come home. If he hadn't, I wouldn't exist. My mother was born several years later.

I made this mid 2017 and can't recall the exact sources for the videos. My apologies. I believe its part of the Australian National War Archives.

I will have more 'Nostalgia' Videos in future featuring Australian, British and U.S. public life ranging from 1910 through to the 1970's.

More Videos

Coming Soon,

Through their eyes - a new video poem.
plus Reality Unfastened, my 1992 short film about an unravelling of a young man.


Interview with Travis Little, author of Megan.

In the quiet of her bedroom

jo-fraser - decadence and decay

In the quiet of her bedroom

She did not realise
(had no comprehension)
That she was making
(had just made)
The biggest mistake of her life.

Let’s face it
We rarely know
When we are making even a small mistake
Or else we wouldn’t make them at all.

She lowered that crown of thorns
And rammed it in place
Secured in flesh.

All she had done
Was to express how she felt
To the man she adored
Was almost at one with
(inside at least).

She could not have known
How it would snowball, steam roll
Up or down
Analogy’s don’t adequately represent
The hurt
The shame
The gossip
The accusations
The far reaching effects    
Into every aspect of her life
Like a movie promise spotlight
Into her dark diary bedroom corners.
Edvard Munch

And yet,
There was always the danger
That her sister’s boyfriend
Would reject her
And talk like a spy traitor backstabber
Yet she was too deeply immersed
Committed beyond reproach
To the fantasy
Of the opposite occurring
That it seemed almost
A foregone conclusion
A life in pictures
And sounds and sensations
Just waiting for time to catch up.

Without risk
There would be nothing
Yet now,
It all had changed for the worse
And she found herself longing
For the simple torment
Of her prior longing
Or better still
Her life before love.

(written in 2012)

More Poetry

It's WILD Man

I have a poem in a new Anthology called Wild.

It's available here, and here's the list of contributors -

I wouldn't expect anyone to buy a book for one of my poems, but it's a little bit of news, a little feather in the cap.

A poet I respect whom I interviewed a little while back, here, is also in the book, Dominic Kirwan. So that's pretty awesome in my book. Er, their book. The book.

There's plenty of my poetry to read here, though I do save my best work for books/submissions.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of self-publishing a collection of poems, perhaps in a limited print run of 50. Not a lot of people like poetry, but I think mine is much more accessible than a lot of what's out there. I might make a digital version, which would be much smaller, but would be free. All thoughts at this stage, but I do have a lot of work and some of it, at least, deserves to have a platform.

More on that when I make up my mind. I'm a man. I'm entitled to change it.

Have a great week.