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2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)

Terrorist scum. Yum yum.

Satire Bytes #1

Terrorists scare the fuck out of me.

Their philosophy:
I blow you.


Each to their own, but preferably not in my well-to-do suburb. Kill someone else’s family. Then I can uphold my values. Hey, I’ll join the candle vigil, no problem! I’ll hug whoever you want me to. 

All I know is that love should prevail. The Beatles got it right: Love is All you Need.

Much as I love the Fab Four I prefer the Star Wars philosophy. When Chewbacca was getting majorly cranky for losing the board game with the droids, C-3PO said to R2-D2, ‘I suggest letting the extremist win.’

You’ve heard the expression, if you can’t beat them, join them!

I won't go quite that far, because I’m a civilised human being, but if they can see that you’re trying to do the right thing, they'll leave you alone. If you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you. They’ll even respect me. I’m certain of it.

I love all nations equally. That's 100% equally, from Alaska to Abkhazia (where-ever that is). I believe in human rights. My theory is that the extremists will be too preoccupied by the racism of others to care about me. If I do come across them they’ll quickly ascertain how open-minded and accepting I am and move on. I’m truly a modern person, way above those ignorant red neck types. I like music, films and poetry. I’m cultured. Just ask me! (That's why I've began wearing a cravat).

I admire sexualised people of all denominations. I may even be one. I could be gay, bi or trans. (Which one is more popular these days?) That alone makes me more unique. I’m therefore more special. Get it? If you don’t, that’s because you’re ignorant.

Besides, who am I kidding? It’s always preferable to have a couple of high-calibre cards up your sleeve at the dinner party. Morally superior much!
With this much glorious tolerance, there must there a social media page where I can be praised. 
Parade me to my pulpit!

(For the record, I'm left wing. I'm simply pro safety, pro sense.)

The Parisian Horror - (warning disturbing images)

The Enemy Here


Has grown soft, complacent
Allowing the lunatics to take over the asylum
And spill out onto the streets
Failure to protect
Self-inflicted infection.

Good intentions have revealed our vulnerability
Wish fulfillment of a just society
‘Our unimpaired body’
Have allowed sores to weep
To spread its pus across unblemished skin.

Watch the rhetoric flow
As thick as last time
Promises as inert as another inquest
See you next hubbub.

I make no apologies for the images nor the poem. Candle vigils aren't going to save us.
It's time to get angry. It's time to get tough.

Not one. Not Two.. Not three... ah it's five.

Five poems at Poets Corner. How lovely!

Published through Wolfian Press.

Available right here!


if you want it signed, I can order it and send it to you. Email:

More Poetry

Next post, a brand new video... a little satirical number called Media Mirage. See you then!

1 Story - 7 years - 27 rejections - Boom


In 2008 I wrote a story called Officer Material. It's based on a young soldier's diary accounts from World War II. He did not agree with the machinations of war and was horrified by what he saw. And yet, he was a professional and did his job. He survived. 
I took that concept and applied it to a story.

The Grind

Over the next two years I gave it a few more drafts and finally began sending it out. Normally I tend to give up on sending material out if it keeps getting rejected because I just don't have the time. Plus its deflating and I'm the sensitive type. 


I believed in this story (and a few others) so I persisted. Really persisted. Finally, it paid off. 
Morpheus Tales has published it in their brand new 27th addition. I only just realised the irony of that. haha 27 rejections! Con-incidence? You be the judge.

Please support me and of course the publisher. Inexpensive. Or send me an email, I'll purchase it, sign it and send it to you.  
Thank you.


I.Will.Be.Number One.

Number ones

Blissfully unaware
Is the only state
Chosen by some
A selection process
Over the natural order.

Enforced magnetism
Directs the moral compass away
Bereft any internal conflict.

Success is savoured
By the self-seeking
Claiming fortuity
In effect a fatuous fuck you.

Nothing is more haloed
And preserved
That the western ascendancy
To accomplishment.

Stomp on lesser
Pout with pride.

                                      Know any?

A refugee poem

The Marooned Mirage 

(aka Refugee Fantasy)

I first saw you
Branded by the unyielding light
Out of the haze and dust
Amidst the brittle remnants of pasts dispersed.

The camp is suffocating in its size
Intimidating by its nature
Swollen to the horizon
And yet still inadequate.
We are as worthless as the shattered concrete
We left behind
Like the rest of the crumbling unwanted souls
Yet I am despised more by my own
For being today’s arrival
Tomorrow it will be my turn to condemn.

A hierarchy dominates
A once valued loyalty is for the fool
A neighbour is merely your closest enemy
Yet we all dwell beneath the rounded ceiling
That is torment
Keeping us in
Caged without walls.

You were waiting behind me
Deeper in the gangling line
A mere spot on a centipede
With your battered water container
Precious, yet unable to serve its purpose
A symbol of your dire trials.

I could ill afford a diversion
My mouth crisp
With the frenzy for relief
The offspring of depletion.
The wailing of the children
No longer tears at my heart
They merely present iniquitous competition
The need of the self
Renders exotic concerns void
An impossible luxury.

Despite the lingering decay
And the whispers of oblivion
You intimated to me
Without a word
In the only language
That makes any sense
In this prevailing chaotic mirage
An illusion too inhuman to be palpable.

But as time turns against us
And what’s left of my family awaits my return
The cold descends again
To remind us that she is Master
Malevolent but almighty
And we are forced to respect her rules
More honest than those of men.

I cannot surrender my station
In this sluggish bedraggled worm
As there are affairs
More valuable than attraction
And though I turn to the front
And hope to find you again
Amid the bursting muster
I wonder if I will have the capacity

To do a thing about it.

(An alternate version of this poem first appeared in the collection, Caged Without Walls). 

A nice little video about love



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More Video Poetry.

Shots in the dark

Presumption of guilt
Assumptions of ill intentions
                 Analysis based on appearance
Judgments from mere seconds
Of interaction.

The ultimate question
Is why
When we know this truth   
to be false
In so many regards
Ages and cultures
The world over.

More Poetry  with plenty more on the way.
New Videos Coming.

Feedback/Suggestions always welcome


Do you want it?

You want it? You got it.

The For Your Pleasure 
YouTube Trailer.

Coffee Table Book of erotica based art and poetry by Paola Rassu and Anthony Langford.

Paperback now available.


A unique Christmas idea! (Just not for your Grandma).

Five 'Innovated' poems published

I have five poems published in Issue 10 of Innovate Magazine.
It's available for only 2 Pounds right here, with 50% going to a cancer charity. You couldn't ask for a better deal.
Innovate contains many poems as well as stories.

My Poetry samples
(intros only)


The music of rain
plays sweet at night
mocking irritant by day
when time
does not belong to us.


Ill-fitting handshake 

He ran around the outside
She struck from within
He wondered where her mind was
She believed all was justified
Only the unhinged
Believe they’re on target

I save my best work for submissions so these are of higher quality than usually posted on this site.
(in my opinion anyway).

Print copies also available

Print Version


with a 50% donation to charity 

Kindle US

Kindle UK

Kindle India

More Poetry

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No trail to follow


The pristine dull
Enunciate to the crowd
Correctly – Calculated
Whilst the seasoned sufferers
Howl spirited into the vacuum
Leaving no discernible trail
For the sustenance needy.

Coming soon,

New Videos and Poetry.

Have a good week.

For your pleasure - an artistic collaboration - book now available

The pleasure is all yours

I'm pleased to announce that a art project that I've been collaborating on is now available.
The incredibly talented Italian artist Paola Rassu has produced a book of original images regarding the subject of eroticism and the pursuit of pleasure. I wrote a small poem to accompany each image.
This is part of her introductory blurb:

'The idea came to me from the lyric of a song, For Your Pleasure by Roxy Music. It’s the reason why I named this project in the same way. The purpose was to represent the various “states” of pleasure, creating a journey where images and words (thanks to the collaboration with Anthony J. Langford) combine together to explore various themes. These themes relate to the pursuit of pleasure, instinct, the senses and boundaries between eroticism, pornography, lust and sin.'

The book is not cheap but it is highly original and creative with both art work and poetry. It also comes in a hard cover. You can find it right here at Blurb Books.
Perhaps it might make a good gift for someone, especially with Christmas not that far away.

Paola's official website.

More of my Poetry

Three Anniversaries and a little history

It's two years this July '15 since my debut Poetry Collection was released and just over three years since my novella Bottomless River was released.

The latter is out of print but I still have copies of Caged Without Walls available if you're interested. Yesterday I discovered that Better Read than Dead in Newtown were still stocking it. Well, they had a copy which was sold. Very nice to hear. Made my day.

As a matter of interest, this is the original cover which I put together. Back in 2012 I was considering self publishing it along with other stories until I found a publisher. A couple of those stories have since been published, most not. What do you think of the cover?

Speaking of anniversary's, its just over ten years since this Aussie classic album, Crossed Lines by 78 Saab. It received great reviews but not sales. Typical. They have been overlooked in a big way. Hopefully one day sense will prevail. They split up a few years back. No Illusions is the opening track. Do yourself a favour, track it down.

See you soon for new poetry and videos and who knows what else?

The Agony but not the Ecstasy

The Agony and Non Ecstasy of Publishing 

I recently came as close as I ever have in ten years to having one of my novels accepted by a legitimate publisher. I sent it off, (the entire novel rather than the usual first few chapters) and heard back within a couple of months. They said they liked it and would be interested in looking at it again if I were to make a few changes. It wasn’t anything to do with the story but about the narrative voice. Essentially they wanted it more immediate.  I told them it would take a while as I have a pretty busy life with two jobs, parenthood etc. They said they were okay with that.

I spent two months working hard on it. I updated the voice and made lots of small changes and deletions and even injected a small sub-plot. I thought it much better than it was and hoped they would agree. (I never mentioned it to anyone as I’m kind of superstitious about these things). 
I sent it back.

A month went by. Nothing. Another couple of weeks passed. Today I received a reply. It took me ten hours to bring myself to open the email. They liked the changes yet decided that it wasn’t for them after all.

Wow. Thanks.

Now I know how John Kennedy Toole felt. His journey was very similar. So close yet rejected after giving them what they wanted. (Though I was dealing with a smaller press, which I won’t name.) When you invest your heart and creative soul into a project and have a little hook dangle in front of you like that, it can give you hope.

It’s a very frustrating experience. I’m pretty pissed off I guess. I finished writing the damn thing six years ago and can’t get a look in. Well, I got a look in this time. Be careful what you wish for!

To be honest, I didn’t get my hopes up too much because there’s mostly rejection in this game so you can’t afford to get excited. I stopped doing that years ago. After all, tell me another occupation where you spend a decade working with no result. Yes the novels are written so that is something unto itself. And no I won’t self-publish because for me personally, I would feel like I failed.

Yes I should get back on the horse, but I’ve been doing that for so long the poor thing’s about to croak from old age.