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Who's the real loser...


"I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me ... with your phone." Beck.

When I see those people driving and texting or walking and texting, or talking
on their phones in restaurants and cinemas and shopping centres and parks and all those places with lots of things going on around them, and they’re locked into that cute little screen, I just think wow... how lucky are they? They must have such wonderful friendships to dismiss so much of what's around them. To put aside the convenience and even the lives of others at risk for the sake of a call or text. 
It even crossed my mind that some people are mindlessly scrolling, or even watching a movie! But no one could be that stupid.
It can only be a very profound relationship at work. 

Truly amazing. 
Imagine all that love!
Imagine the possibly life changing philosophical discussions at play!

It almost makes me cry (ok, I do weep), to think of what I must be missing out on. 
No. It’s more than that. I'm envious. I'm as green as a first year apprentice killed having fallen from a ladder while answering his phone. Yep, I'm jealous. I want to be them. I must a real bona-fide, old fashioned salt of the earth, crusty grey, loner loser. 
You see, I'm too aware of my surroundings. 
I consider others when I'm on the road. 
I think of the children in cars. On the pavement. The elderly. Father’s. Sister’s. Sons. 
I even consider getting in people's way on the pavement, or blocking the escalator. Because I'm not at the center of the universe. 
Too much consideration. Too much empathy. 
Where will my thoughtfulness get me? 

Nowhere. Fast. 
Ah it’s no way to live is it? That’s my loss I guess. 
I'm on a one way ticket to... (ringtone) Hello?

Face Time Driver caught in the act

Genuine phone related crash

Do you have a personal 'phone chaos' story? 

Perhaps you love your phone and want to tell me to jam it... my phone. Not yours. That would be messy. Because I ain't retrieving it.

Thoughts? Text it to me.

More Satire.

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Famous After Death - Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

I recently watched a beautiful, partly animated film about Vincent called Loving Vincent.

It throws doubt on whether Vincent actually shot himself, and if he did, why was he allowed to linger on for almost two days in bed without a doctor being called? He was allowed to languish by several people, one being his brother. Why didn't they insist on calling for a doctor immediately, even if Vincent said he didn't want one? That's what the movie implies.
Other reports say the bullet entry point was left untreated, by two doctors, and became infected. That's what caused his death, not the bullet.

              What we do know is that Vincent was a prolific artist, who was barely recognised at all in his lifetime. We also know that he suffered from mental health issues. Quite severe in fact. You probably know a lot about him already, so I'll provide a concise version of his life.

Vincent was born in the Netherlands in 1853 and died in rural France in 1890 aged 37. He was from a middle class family but was quiet and introspective from a young age. He took up employment as an art dealer, even travelling to London. He suffered from psychotic episodes and was a big drinker. He didn't actually take up painting until 1881, so the body of work he amassed was incredible. He painted mostly landscapes and still life. 'Studies' as he called them.

Yet he was considered a madman by most people and he personally, he felt like he was a failure. The prominent relationship of his life was with his brother Theo, pictured on the right, Vincent on the left.

It wasn't until decades after his death that his work and his story grew in stature, perhaps both linked together, forever entrenching the romantic notion of the tortured artist. I'm certain there was nothing romantic about Vincent's life as he lived it. It was a tragedy. The work remains.

Clasina Maria Hoornik,
a pregnant prostitute, and a friend of Vincent's whom he lived
with for two years (1881-'83). There is speculation that they had a
relationship. She was often a model for his work. 
She committed suicide in 1904 aged 54.

The Potato Eaters

Portrait of Dr. Gachet
(who treated Vincent but later became friends)
'He's sicker than I am.'

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A very good resource on Vincent.

A Free Pdf - The Streets have the last laugh

Download here, a file of Ten Vignettes (poems) based around the theme of The City.

It's called, The Streets have the last laugh. 

Mary Clanahan   City Life 

Why are you still here? Go! 

More Poetry


The more things change... Greek style.

Day of Light Festival 202 BC
(inspired by the Greek philosopher Epicurus).

It was a Festival Day
And he knew there were throngs
Gathered in the town
And while food was his major passion
Crowds were not
And so he sat on a small rock
One of many that littered the hill
Along with trees to valley views
And the mountains beyond.

While he savoured these
Exquisite moments
Quiet contemplation was the exception
As he had many friends
Whom he saw regularly
In fact, he was rarely without
And though forty-two
Bereft of marriage and wealth
And no doubt a failure to most
To those around him
And more importantly in his own eyes
His was a life steeped in riches.          

He plucked a golden thread from the dirt
Examined it while contemplating the long life of the earth
And his passing moment in it
And smiled.