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The more things change... Greek style.

Day of Light Festival 202 BC
(inspired by the Greek philosopher Epicurus).

It was a Festival Day
And he knew there were throngs
Gathered in the town
And while food was his major passion
Crowds were not
And so he sat on a small rock
One of many that littered the hill
Along with trees to valley views
And the mountains beyond.

While he savoured these
Exquisite moments
Quiet contemplation was the exception
As he had many friends
Whom he saw regularly
In fact, he was rarely without
And though forty-two
Bereft of marriage and wealth
And no doubt a failure to most
To those around him
And more importantly in his own eyes
His was a life steeped in riches.          

He plucked a golden thread from the dirt
Examined it while contemplating the long life of the earth
And his passing moment in it
And smiled.

1 comment:

  1. That is a great way to go though life.
    Be thankful for what you have, handle what comes your way, and enjoy your short time here.
    Very nice writing Anthony.


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