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Flash Fiction: Do the Bus Stop - and The Fall - Movie

The desire of knowledge, like the thirst for riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.
- Laurence Sterne

Do the Bus Stop

The bus stop is her stage. At this, she's a pro.
Her school associates, the audience.
Passers-by get a free show.
7.55 a.m.
It’s her time.
Standing on the lip of the gutter, she pouts, she spouts, gibberish, about herself, what else is there? She knows it doesn’t matter what she says, as long as they look.
And they do. They're hooked.
Her friends divided. The beady Green-Eyed Camp.
And the Popular Wannabe like her Vamps.
Yet it’s the boys who shower her with the most power. While the geeks don’t have the courage to peek, and those with no chance don't give her a glance, the majority stare at her perfect thighs and the way she strokes her fingers high, as she helps her skirt to rise and soar, like Marilyn Monroe, once before.
7.57 a.m.
Seems to be getting busier on this trail.
Funny how they’re all male.
Let's get graphic with the traffic. She bends forward; allowing her propped up cleavage to shine.
She’s outrageous, but wants them to think, she’s mine.
7.58 a.m.
It’s her time.
And she loves it.
So does the bus driver.
Ogling, he pulls in too quick and the side mirror smacks her head.
Gunk sprays the crowd.
She goes down like lead.
Today, there’ll be no Curtain Call.
7.58 a.m.
It was her time after all.

I want to share with you one of my favourite films. It's called The Fall and was only released a couple of years ago, but for some inexplicable reason, bypassed everybody. Quite simply, it is one of the most visual films I've ever seen and is embedded in the very essence of storytelling. I predict that this film will grow by word of mouth and in years to come, will come to be recognised for what it is, a true classic.

Coming soon, poems, stories, news about my next writing project, artists that inspire me and new polls. Any suggestions/feedback for the site are truly welcome.

I really appreciate your support and urge you to come back weekly. Thank you!


  1. The Fall can't be good because their are no famous actors in it.

  2. All too true unfortunately though I still think common sense will pervade. It's up to those with good taste to promote it.

  3. Perhaps the actors will become famous because the film is just that good.

  4. Let's hope so Brenda. The little girl is just amazing.. It's a shame because she won't be little by the time the world discovers her. I also love its rich imagery, and it uses no CGI..I think that makes it more me old fashioned...

  5. I'm left wondering if that young lady at the bus stop gets a free bus pass. At any rate, I saw your blurb in the coffee shop, and I'm glad I checked this out. I'm a new follower.

    Drop by Life by Chocolate sometime too.


  6. Thank you so much Robyn. And nice sense of humour. The girl won't be needing a pass now! (see end of fiction)
    okay, im off to follow you too..


  7. Hi there,
    Oddly enough, I also found your link in "the coffee shop" also. Hey Robyn! And here I am! Anyway, I like what I see so far and think I'll tag along, if you don't mind. I READ!

  8. Thanks so much Pat. You're more than welcome. I'll follow you too.


  9. Scary indeed! Hope you feel better now! hugs!
    Arielle. :))

  10. Thanks Arielle.. nice to see you here..


  11. This is a fantastic film and one of the best I have seen for a really long time. Good on you for promoting it.

  12. It really is isn't it! I can't believe it's been overlooked. I sincerely hope it gets its deserved recognition.


  13. Enjoyed 'Do the Bus Stop' quite a bit, Anthony. I'll add you as a 'follow' :D

  14. Awesome.. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment..
    ill follow you too


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