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Tru Luv Kills - A Novel

Having just completed work on my sixth Novel, Tru Luv Kills: A Teenage Bonnie & Clyde I thought I would give you a brief insight into what it's all about.

Tru Luv Kills

Love is a Dirty Word.

It's Looking for Alibrandi bred with Law and Order.

Catcher in the Rye meshed with Natural Born Killers.

Based on a true story of two teens who fall in love, resulting in a murder. Some people just shouldn't be together.

A frightening analysis into today's teens, told from the perspective of a sixteen year old girl. Youth crime, racism, depression, sex and pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, school yard violence, family crisis's and the education system. Being a kid is hard work.

But a teen murder is just too easy.

One plus One equals a whole lot of trouble.

Nothing can stop them from being together.

It took me exactly one year to write, the first draft exactly six months, to the day. I didn't plan it that way and I don't know if it necessarily means anything but that's how it went. It's 77,000 words. I had hoped it would be shorter but it is what it is. I'm searching for an agent for this one. It's hard to be subjective about your own work, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I'll keep you updated on any progress.

(2021 Update. I plan to release this book in 2023. I think it's my best book.)


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! CANT WAIT TO READ IT :) reading 'impulse' by ellen hopkins. My sought of read (i hope yours will be just as good, jks :) i know it will!! tralala tralala ... sry, im a little hyper ^-^

  2. I am wanting to read this book. It sounds great.
    As for your comment on my blog, I think it could be you because I barely here from him!! I love Australian men!!! heehee....what do ya think????

  3. Thanks Sara - id love to see this book out..
    alas i am spoken for but i hope this guy will return so we can get a sequel to your story! im sure its coming..if not him, someone else..
    thanks again for coming by...!


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