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Poem: Moment & 'Ok Go' - Amazing clip...


We are Only One

In a Thousand Long

Series of Generations

and a Thousand More Besides

Each no more Relevant

Than the Last.

We are Only This Day's Footprints

In the Sand

Before the Tide Comes In

To Wash Them Away

Replaced Tomorrow

And soon Forgotten.

Enjoy the Grains

between your toes

And while mindful

of Your Brief Impression

Most of All,

Savour the Earth beneath your feet.

If you haven't seen this it's a must. The designers spent six months planning it. It's simply quite brilliant.

Have you seen any amazing clips worth sharing?
Comments on poem and any feedback at all always appreciated.


  1. I love the poem Anthony! It is really inspiring - enjoy right now because now is all you have! It was really something I needed to be reminded of - been dealing with some bad depression lately.

    AND THEN - that video is TOTALLY awesome! I can see how it took them 6 months to pull that off! I wonder how many times they had to reset the sequence and start all over because ONE thing didn't go right!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Thank you Harley. I appreciate it. I believe in simplicity. With writing and life.

    The video is wild huh? They hired engineers to pull it off. Apparently they only did 3 takes. Imagine resetting it? What we see is 2 takes put together so something must have gone wrong. Even knowing that, its still incredible.
    Thanks so much for dropping by...


  3. WOW. That video is incredible, Anthony! I can't believe how long it went on for. Every moment is amazing. I think I'll need to re-watch that a few times.
    Also, your poetry is beautiful.
    I'm so glad you're a new blog friend.

  4. Beautiful poem! The clip s really great! :))


  5. Thanks so much Robyn-that's really sweet.

    And it is amazing isn't it...definitely worth watching a few times.

    Lubs Arielle!

  6. Love the poem Anthony, soooo true!!!
    We can never take a day for granted, nor the impression we make in our time. Few are remembered in the generations to come, but we can still have a great impact in our own.

    The clip is so much fun. Had to repost it. It shows how connected things are hey! We don't get do overs in life, so we need to make each connection count :)

  7. Thanks Cat...
    Thank you too Michelle.. and very true! i dont understand why ppl have to be cruel to each other when time is so short..
    that clip - its a fun ride huh!

  8. Hey, it's Sara, your new friend from FB. The poem is great!!!!! I love how you put the pic with it. That video is so cool! I started a blog from this page. I am hoping you will check it out. I am going to read more here. See Ya! *sara* just.a.girl

  9. Thanks so much Sara.. hope to see you back every week.. ok i will follow you too....


  10. AWESOME! Lol I was kinda surprised I liked it so much, Very Cool!

    The poetry was thought provoking as good poetry should be ;)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Thank You for sharing your beauty, dear.

    I did like your poem, because it's quite true. I think we really are the interconnectedness of nothing. Not only we, but beauty. And you actually captured it. You make me want to recite you a poem that I recite to myself when I'm... a bit... blue. It is really about enjoying the immediacy of an untouched place. Here, it's bad, but for you:

    There is a patch,
    Where no foot treads,
    Of grass somewhere,
    Unheeding wind and winter sun,
    All those claims that death might dare,
    In dueling life its lifeless whims,
    And found, unsought by any eye,
    Its will is only half-devised,
    Living beyond what words surmise,
    Into the null of a nothing disguise.

    You'll be snapped, snatched by a publisher soon enough; I KNOW IT! :-). XOXO. Lauren T.

  12. Ah Lauren, your talent is write so well my dear.. i am in awe of you..
    You're right of course, we are atoms of nothing floating amongst the others, popping and disappearing and remerging a cycle that may see an end.. or simply become something else-a different nature.. with similiar components..

    Thanks for swinging by

  13. Hi Anthony,
    Just dropped by to have a sneak peek of your website.
    Loved your poem.
    Wishing you a ton of luck. Keep blogging. Cheers, Karen Tyrrell

  14. Oh thanks Karen.. nice to see you here...
    and thanks for reading....

  15. Hiya Anthony .. I love your poem! And look forward to reading some more of your poetry. Have a great day :)

  16. Thank you Katherine...
    I really appreciate that..
    I just posted one 2 days ago...
    hope to see u back!


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