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Story: 37 Angel & 'Story driven' music clip

"Youth is, after all, just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark that you always carry in your heart."
- Raisa Gorbachev

37 Angel

She is beautiful.
Not a real Princess.
But a Princess to me.
I do not know her name though I have seen her before. On the train platform. This time, I want to be sure. I must find out where.
I hurry, head down, so I don’t attract attention. People only remember you when they’ve seen into your eyes.
I dress simply. I am unremarkable.
Not like her.
She’s a Glowing Star.
Can’t they see? It almost blinds me.
Of course they can’t.
Their dullness surrounds them, so much so that they become blinded. If only they knew the jewels that swim amongst them.
I keep her in view, but don’t get too close.
I weave among the people, the mushrooms. They remind me of mushrooms. I don’t know why.
I can’t see her face from here. If I cross the street, I will have to keep watch and give myself away.

I keep my patience. I am patient. A patient patient, my Dad once said, before he went AWOL. I can wait months. One time, it was years.
Not this one.
She is too special.
The crowd thins out.
She heads into the internet map of suburban streets. I back off. Just enough.
She has headphones in. Clueless. A good sign.
Her hips are thin, slimmer than the others, slightly younger but for some reason I want this one more.
A dog barks.
‘Shit.’ A yappy little rodent. Have to remember to avoid next time, but at least I know.
When I look up, she is gone.
Entered a house, but which one?
No one about, I walk faster. I must find out which. Can only be one of several, better to find out now. Save hours of risky drive-bys. I would do it though. This one’s worth it.
Please. Please.
Just need a little clue. Just one.
There. That sound. Prayers answered. A door shutting. Letterbox. 37. Done.
Got you.
Not Yet.
But I will.


I want to share a song I really love that has its genesis in narrative. Listen to the lyrics. It's pure storytelling. Pulp disbanded in the early naughties but Jarvis Cocker continues to write stories in his lyrics with his solo albums, mostly regarding sexual politics and relationships.

If you're not familiar with him or Pulp, I highly recommend you check him out. Outside from the writing, the music is brilliant.


  1. Great story there Anthony! And the video is awesome too! I have an award for you at my blog!

  2. Cool story, Anthony. I like the way it starts kind of feeling like love, he's in love...and he may very well be in love, but it's love of something she would not want a part of. Obsession. Murder. Sneaky writing, good stuff. I like it!
    John Claude

  3. Thanks Harley...great stuff..

    and Cheers John Claude.. thats really good feedback.. thanks my friend...

  4. Love 37 Angel!!!! I read it three times. Then I read it aloud to myself as though I were giving a reading for people. *laughing at self* but it is cool and I like it, even though it is a bit SCARY!!!

  5. Great story I agree with John starts off being one thing but def ends being something much more sinister.

  6. Wow Tony that was amazing! that's my favourite piece of yours so far. I agree with John Claude, at first I thought it was a love story and then the undertone crept in, just brilliant. I really like your short stories, please post more on here.

  7. Thanks so much Sally... appreciate it.. and Sara too and Anonymous.. nice to get to get feedback, especially when its positive..


  8. Ah, cool and scary. Beautifully done. Thought it was love until 'clueless.' Nice.

    The Clean White Page

  9. Ooh Chills.. Totally... Love it!

  10. u shouldn't follow people around like that my brother , theirs a name for that s.....r.
    a reference about the oldman hey , u dont forget do you.

    Ginger pappy


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