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Poem: 'A Ode to Them' & Quirky Video

"If you're waiting for the Perfect Time, there is no time more Perfect,
than Now."

An Ode To Them

The Land of the Beautiful People
The City that Sparkles
The Shine that Blinds
To what's Important
Yet it doesn't matter
You Look Good
You're One Hell of a Find
You're More than Accepted
They want to be near You
They want to be like You
They want to be You.
You don't have to do a Thing
Other than think of what to wear
Adorn yourself with Bling.

You don't have to be Polite
You don't have to Share
You don't have to be compassionate
You only have to remember
To fix your hair.
You're free to be Selfish
You're free to be Vain
You're desperate to be seen in the Right Places
Beaming White Teeth
Next to all the Right Faces.

The Glory is Great
But the Cash is better
A Snapshot, A Newspaper Spread
But where's the contracted Letter?
Here this Hour
Gone the Next
Another Ten to take your place
Prepare to Fall
Guess you're not so special after all.


I was going to tell you what inspired me to write this ditty today, but I live in Sydney. Do I really need to say more?

I won't make a habit of posting videos like this, but it's nice to mix it up and keeps it the vein of this post. Nothing too deep. I didn't actually know they could do this. I was quite amazed.

It made me laugh and that's always a good thing.

Coming Soon...

Artists, Musicians & Writers, Famous after Death: (Posts 1 - ?)
So You want to be a Writer? (Posts 1 - ?)
The Best Written Films of the Past 70 years: (Posts 1- ?)

I will drop these in periodically as I will be continuing to mix it up with Poems, Stories, Reviews and Videos.
The amount of Posts on these subjects depends on the level of Feedback I get.
And I'm always happy to hear what you think.
Till then.


  1. I love the poem, but I had to stop the video. [It looked too perverse, like she was seducing the bird and the bird was pecking in a vulnerable spot.] Sorry, back to the prolific poem. If only "they" would fall quicker than they do. Some don't appear to fall at all. Where's the paparazzi when you need them?

  2. Thanks Robyn. Yes i somehow think that bird is her best friend & more besides. Pretty cute though.
    And yes, don't the paparazzi love to see them fall! perhaps we all do...
    thanks for coming!

  3. I like the bird, I din't think anything perverse about it at all... just funny.

    I was just looking at some photos of my friend and her pals in Sydney today and I can't relate. That's not my life anymore thank god. I'm glad your poem was both familiar and now so foreign to me.. can you post another story please? your last one was awesome.

  4. Love the ditty (clever you)... always believe that the skinnier you are the more it hurts when you fall, thankgoodness for well roundedness! But that's jut my narrowminded point of view!
    Sorry, didn't watch the video, the bird looked too precariously placed to begin with.
    Love the pic of the birds at the end of the post.

  5. Thanks Sal - and Min.. appreciate you coming by.. I think most big cities suffer from this 'affliction' - Sydney is notoriously superficial, i think, perhaps no more than other major places.. The bird was great, i have to say..
    There will be more stories coming..
    thanks girls!

  6. What are the chances of those birds being there at the exact time the photographer wished to take a photo? Set up? i think not! This could only happen in the U.S. Australia is boring, but it's nice :)
    I love your poem

  7. Hey you - I love those birds! lol.. i might use them to sign off each time...
    Thanks for yr comments... sweet...
    Hope to see you back soon! SPread da word!
    ps New Poll - have u voted yet?

  8. Great poem and I love the talking bird - they are so clever - shame they are such a pest

  9. Hmm, the comment I posted before didn't work :(!
    The bird is so sweeeet and so cute! And the poem is excellent and true in most cases! Keep up the work :)

  10. XOXOXOXOX%$#@!!!! (minus the dollar sign.) That one's for you, babe. xoRobyn

  11. Looking forward to 'So you wanna be a writer'!
    Good on you tony, MORE MORE MORE!

  12. Oh and Tony...
    Would love to read a review from you of 'Harry Brown'. Holy fuck! what a movie!! If you haven't already - you gotta watch it!
    It was filmed near where I live in London


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