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Greatest Written Films - The Last Picture Show plus a poem on Pompeii

Town is Pompeii

The 4th Style Frescoe Upon the Wall
Do Stand Tall and Proud
To the Owners Delight
Of His Hercules
In the Hunt.
He is the Symbol of Strength
Respresent the People.
And for Venus
On the Opposing Atrium Wall
To Deliver Beauty
and The Wonder of the Gods
To Them All.

Is it Any Wonder
They Wonder
What They Have done Wrong
In '62.
When the Earth Shakes Their Walls Down
And Turns Children from their Beds
The Gods Displaced and Displeased.
Their Homes Crack'd.
Much Is to be Discussed
and Done.

In these Uncertain Times
All Imperfections and Great Sense
Will Matter Not
In Fifteen Years Hence.

As the Currents swirl beneath their feet
Crimson and Uncaring.
In Preparation.


I wrote this the night after visiting Pompeii in Sept. 09. It's small but fresh. The Poem, not the site. It's majestic. And quite sad.

Greatest Written Films of All Time

The Last Picture Show (1971)

       A group of young people come to terms with their small dying town and their lack of prospects. It was directed by Peter Bogdonavich (Paper Moon) with an ensemble cast including a young Jeff Bridges and Cybill Sheppard. Cloris Leachman and Ben Johnson won Academy awards for best supporting actors. It was based on the novel by Larry McMurty, who also wrote the screenplay and would later co write the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain. Wonderfully rich and real characters in a desolate setting with beautiful dialogue. There's an ethereal quality to it too, like ghosts reflecting on the way things were. Shot in delicious black and white.

Coming Soon,

More Poetry
Short stories.
Love meets Death in The Unlucky Fountain.
And you get more than you bargained for at the ATM.

Also more in the Series on Greatest Written Films.

Happy to hear your Feedback and suggestions.

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  1. awww man I went to rent this out the other day and the bloody video store didnt have it- madeleine

  2. Thanks Madeleine..Its worth checking out for sure.. :)

  3. That's a powerful poem, Anthony. Very nice. Wow, Jeff Bridges was really young (once), huh? I didn't recognize him. You've got me wanting to see that movie. Plus, I can't wait to hear about getting more out of the ATM. I'm guessing it's an ATM in Australia, though. Damn.

  4. Thanks very much Robyn. Yes the ATM is in Australia, but really could be anywhere..
    And it is a good film.. have many more in the series and not all what you'd expect..


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