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Bottomless River reader reviews

I have been meaning to write to say very sincerely how moved I was by "Bottomless River" and equally impressed by it - I thought it was such a sad and deeply interesting story and I thought you evoked it quite beautifully. – Ursula Dubosarsky, multi-award winning author.

I have to say I barely could stop each time my train ride journey came to an end. There was just something about that story that made me NEED to keep reading. A fantastic piece of work that you can be very proud of. - Chris

I'm going to be honest and say that as someone with a degree in English literature … I was slightly apprehensive when I picked it up.  Surely, it wouldn't be much good. I didn't put it down until it was finished.  It immersed me completely, made me cry and, most importantly, cast a whole new light on some of those dark corners of life that make us who we are.  … it's one of those rare books that leave you thinking about it from a raw emotional state …  a brilliant piece of literature … – Anon

The novella’s author, Anthony J. Langford, comes up with plenty of original similes as he explores guilt and regret. The main character’s inner turmoil seemed so realistic that I thought the writer had to be writing from experience. – Graham

I intend to have a second read!! The characters are great and very relatable… it’s quite remarkable and I love your writing style. -  Mandy 

You are an extremely talented writer and am looking forward to reading more of your work in the future...I get disappointed when a book I enjoy finishes as I just want to keep reading. - Sharon

The idea is excellent - basically a story based on one incident and its effects on a lifetime.  But told very well and succinctly.  - Jean

I found myself very understanding of the main character in terms of thinking and decision-making. It moved me, especially towards the end … A great read! Bottomless River goes on my bookshelf and will always be kept. - Zakieh

It makes you think how one action can change the outcome of the rest of your life. - Ryan

For me it’s a story of loss of innocence and betrayal and to what depths a human being can go to cope with this. I strongly recommend that you purchase this book without delay. – Carolyn

Available from Ginninderra Press in print and epub.
Also now from Abbey Books at 131 York Street Sydney. 

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