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Poem - Get your Brave On

Get your brave on

Don thy mouse and thy QWERTY
It’s time to get a little nasty
As though fighting pederasty (pedo-nasty)
As fortune favours the singular
Pitted against the screen
Easier to scream
Without a chance of an echo
Especially when anonymous…

Or if it’s a friend, inverted commas  '  '
Comment, then delete and run
Comment, delete, run.
A cyber drive by
As courageous as the real thing.

Watch these keys depress
Such dashing!
Watch the formation of a strong opinion
So bold!
Witness the wit
(Carefully scrutinised before posting, naturally)
Such courage!
Combatant of the console
Battler of the black and whites
Sheath thy cable
from the USB port.
That’s enough for one day
The crusade has been fought.

Until tomorrow
When you return to the conventional world
And become yourself again
A person of opinions
Occasionally spoken
Not shouted
Yet mostly unshared.

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  1. Loved this, Anthony. Fantastic. So true. So very true.

  2. YOU TALKING ABOUT ME? (Damn I can't bold a comment). Great poem Anthony.

  3. Another winner! (I am so much cooler (and braver) online.)

  4. Another winner! (I am so much cooler (and braver) online.)

  5. WOW! I think this applies to almost everyone. You put it together so well. Good on you!

  6. Great poem, Anthony. So true: "Comment, delete, run." The Internet Tough Guy picture completes the message. Very well done.


  7. Brilliant! Internet tough guys!
    GREAT write Anthony.....


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