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Poem - Strife Street sans postcode

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Strife Street sans postcode

It will all be okay
On the day
As long as I don’t have to think.

Skateboard ramp
Dude goes up
Dude goes down
That’s what I’m talking about
It doesn’t have to make sense
But sometimes I need it easy.
It counteracts the barely hidden chaos
That keeps me turning at night
And trudging through the day.

So give me a big old skateboard
And a nice long straight path
Without the ramp
And I’ll make my own way.

Coming soon,
A new video poem, This tiny fortune.

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  1. Very nice, Anthony. I like the depth and brevity of this one. I wish I wasn't scared of "skateboarding," even on a nice, straight path.


  2. Dude, I could do with a simple straight path today. First I lose my nose clip for swimming, I go swimming anyway and now I spending half my time blowing my nose. Then I get home, preparing to write an intro paragraph for the article I am writing which is due to be submitted to Divine on Monday, but it's not - I happen to glance at an email, that I had written, saying I would have the article in on the 2nd, yesterday. Panic. No one answers the phone at divine, not even my third phone attempt. Send them an email. Go and have lunch, forget to boil the kettle before putting water into my cup of soup. What other hidden speed bumps loom for me today?

  3. Nice poem Anthony!
    It's the old roller coaster versus merry go round quandary. I used to thrive on the chaos and it always seemed to find me, now I prefer the serene predictability of the carousel.

  4. I like that Pat. Looking forward to a carousel.
    Graham, that sounds like some day. Takes the edge off the predictable. Hope it improved, which I'm sure it did.
    Thanks guys for dropping by.

  5. Good day,
    I like how the picture puts you in the mind frame of what the problem is and then the poem gives you the solution.
    Early Bird


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