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Online interactions. Good or bad?


Funny how times change.

I made this video in 2022. Written in 2020. I seem to care a lot less about it now. I think I'm just disengaging with the world in general. Perhaps because of the dismissive online world. The lack of interest in my work. Ideologies and politics at play. Like you, how I feel about things changes per week. Per day. 

The Good and the Bad

Watch HERE

Overall, I was once a believer. No longer. I've lost faith. (Perhaps off topic from the video but not the above words).

Actually, I've lost nothing. I've learn't things. I'm no longer a dreamer hoping for fantasy. My feelings are based on the simple reality of the past two decades. That's a realist. 

My lack of self confidence (brought on mostly by a working class/country upbringing) plays a strong part. I've seen what a confident middle class person is capable of. One of my teenage best friends was such. I saw how he was. And how I was not. A few years later, at 22, he dragged me overseas when I was terrified at the idea. I stayed two and a half years. I travelled. I learnt. I grew. I owe him a lot. 

And yet I still struggle in my own skin. It's back to childhood folks. As cliche as that is. It's the ultimate truism.

Peace and happiness to you. Cling to whatever you can.

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