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Old bands with Brand New Songs! January 2024


New Songs from the Old Skool

From the rock/pop sensibilities of the 1960's to 90's grunge, the old skool rockers just won't die. And we're better off for it. They're still making great music.

Here's a few. Bound to be plenty more. If you know of others, let me know. 

Rolling Stones - Mess it Up

James - Is this Love?

Charlatans - Just as long as you stick by me

Green Day - Bobby Sox

Kim Gordon - Bye Bye

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Jamcod

Ash - Oslo (This one is a few months old but was one of my favourite tracks of 2023 so including it).

Ed Harcourt - Deathless

Ride - Peace Sign

J. Mascis - Right Behind You

Kylie Minogue - Hold on to now

The Libertines - Shiver

The Beatles - Now and Then

Kula Shaker - Indian Record Player

Wilco - Meant to be

I love listening to new music. Last year I listened to approx. 4000 songs. Admittedly, the vast majority were shit but here are some very good ones.

Best Songs of 2023 Playlist

My most viewed YouTube Playlist is this one. 1.6 million views.

80's Hits - Overlooked/Forgotten

The period in which you came of age, ie a teenager into young adulthood is the one you most relate to in terms of music and it's the same for me. Every decade has something to offer but I would argue that the 60's through to 80's was when everything was created. Since then there's been a lot of going over the same territory. 

Yet, I have always listened to new music and will continue to do so.

What period do you relate to? Who are your favourite artists? Love to hear your thoughts.



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