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Narcissists and numbskulls


Hope you're doing well.

See if you can relate to this little ditty.

Narcissists and numbskulls


Allow them time

They will reveal themselves.


Sit back

They will provide the rope

And promptly hang themselves

For all to see.


All that is required

And it’s a must

Is for spectators

To call them out on it.


Character assassination

From within

Deserves applause

And the surety

That the dead wasn’t rise



The first time around

Was bad enough.



20.2.23            7.30 pm

Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

On a personal note, my girlfriend just moved in. Sooner than planned due to external circumstances but we'll make the most of it. We're a good team so fingers crossed it all goes as well as it has so far.

Have a good week. 



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