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Want to BEE special? Here's how! Species Fluid!

Once upon a time people fought to be gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. Pioneers, who had to go through a lot of shit to be accepted. Legends.

But a new generation came along and being accepted wasn't enough. So they made up terms such as Non-Binary and Gender Fluid and CIS people and Pansexual and Sapiosexual and whatever they could think of to make them unique. How bold.

Now, a new generation is in the wings. How can they stand out from the 'old labels' crowd?

From the insecure, talentless attention seekers who created Gender Fluid comes the new sensation;  Species Fluid
For a new generation of entitled wankers.

Woke up human today. 

Wake up zebra tomorrow! 

Be a horse on Fridays! 

Whatever the fuck you want on Sundays!

No longer any need to hate Mondays!
You won't have to go to work. As a pet, you can be pampered instead!

Become your favourite African animal on weekends! I don't give a monkeys... because I am one! You can't call me a snake because guess what? Hey hey that's right! I'm as slippery as an eel, coz I'm one of those too! 

Hey mum! It's meeee! I'm Spesh!

Feel Special. Be unique! 

Stand out from the robots in the crowd! 

Because achieving something noteworthy takes too long! And let's face it, takes too much effort. You want to be special now! You're above all the plebs. No one can tell YOU what to do! No siree. Not this little white duck. Quack quack! Shake your tail feathers baby! Watch your animal magnetism at work. 

People, those mass of bores, will marvel at how amazing you really are! You've always known it. Now they can too. 

Species Fluid. 
The next natural step in the evolution of attention seekers. 

Hear me Roar! Grrrrrrrr

Hey brother, it's just me! Ah shit, these claws. Sorry bruz!

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