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New video trailer! Us & Them - A beautiful collection on connection


There's Us and Them

Yet, aren't we all struggling to find meaning and connection, amongst the chaos?

Check out a visual intro to the stories of Us & Them

Watch Trailer

13 stories and 79 poems on the theme of connection, searching, found or misplaced. Something for everyone. 18+ but nothing overtly offensive. Even your grandmother could read it. 

Signed or personally scribed copies available. Makes for a perfect gift this Christmas! 

Dedicated to the memory of Sally Jones (Corvini). 
My ex-partner, a beautiful soul and dear friend for a quarter of a century.
I know she would have liked this book. May she rest in peace.

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Great gift this Christmas!

Please help me spread the word!

Us and Them Book

The stories include; 

A man who experiences a flood of memories after the loss of his partner.

A mother and daughter’s life changing meeting.

A dramatic stand-off between the German army and villagers during World War II.

A teenager's great risk in the night they almost died.

A first-hand account of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

An eight-year-old performs her original song for a most unique audience. For all the wrong reasons.

The messiest eater in the world.

A woman recalls her dramatic life on the streets.

A unique non-encounter with a single person among the thousands on the busy streets of New York City.

An ex-Reality TV contestant seeks revenge and more.

Don't miss this!

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Any help sharing would be fantastic.  

This is my last book for a couple of years, if not for good. (A post for another time).

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