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Searching for meaning. Perhaps love too.

Search unto End


I hope you're in good spirits this week, or at least not miserable. 😉

I thought this a fitting last post before Christmas. It was made a few months ago. 

I swear if you stare at this image, it moves

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I hope your Christmas is a good one. I appreciate that it's not a good time for all. Personally I'll be on my own for a few days, but I'll be with my daughter from the 27th. I am taking her away to see family interstate.

Drop me a line. Otherwise, Merry Christmas my friend.



Don't forget my awesome Best of 2021 YouTube Playlist this Xmas Break. Great to run in the background. 

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  1. People should keep on hoping. I gave the chase up a long time ago - and it's a much worse place of comfort.

    1. It's certainly harder being older. While there's life... I hope you find something.


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