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And now for something different... The Boat People


Hope you're having a good week. 
A little politics this time, an area I usually avoid. 
(though there is a Satire piece coming next week).

Today’s game, Endless parade

The refugees streamed
The community screamed
The borders degenerated
The debates raged
The numbers increased
The solution escaped
The stress escalated
The panic dominated
The resources depleted
The system collapsed
The dissent grew
And the unwilling hosts
Played catch up
In a one sided game
With burden as victor
And suffering as the result.

The debate became tired
Interest waned
Media moved on
Allowing a myriad of ‘activities’
To reign unchecked.

Nothing so insignificant
As a tired story.

From 2015. No doubt around the refugees issue, which was world wide at the time.
What was I referring to specifically? That's the glory of poetry. You decide.

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