Sydney and friends music video '96

Sydney with Butterfly Wings

The three of us worked together for a video company. We 'borrowed' a professional camera for a weekend and this is what we came up with.
Circa 1996  Edited to the Smashing Pumpkins hit. I was a big fan.

Featuring Bondi Beach, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross and its back streets, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Tunnel. I can't recall where the apartment was. Rose Bay?

Interesting to see how Sydney has changed. Certainly a lot busier now.

I'm in it too with very long hair. And yeah, I was being facetious, but I did think he was a bit mad driving with no hands. Pretty irresponsible but such is the folly of youth. He's still a close mate.

Coming soon,

A new video poem about the world through the eyes of children ...
... and my short film from 1992, Reality Unfastened. 

William Street in 1996

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