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My video tribute to the Pacific War - with a very personal element

I put this together for the residents of a Nursing Home that I work at part time. (I run the weekly movies - they have a big screen, and I often play shorts before the film).

The footage was sourced from YouTube and I've added music, the colour scheme to add to the locations featured, and tried to create a type of narrative, while throughout, hoping to be respectful of those who fought, on both sides, as well as the local peoples who must have also suffered greatly.

Look out for two local men amazed at the sight of a plane.

It mentions the Kokoda Track so there is a Australian/New Zealand component. I also want to mention my grandfather who fought in Papua New Guinea and who was very sick and spent a year in hospital over there. He almost didn't come home. If he hadn't, I wouldn't exist. My mother was born several years later.

Watch HERE

I made this mid 2017 and can't recall the exact sources for the videos. My apologies. I believe its part of the Australian National War Archives.

I will have more 'Nostalgia' Videos in future featuring Australian, British and U.S. public life ranging from 1910 through to the 1970's.

More Videos

Coming Soon,

Through their eyes - a new video poem.
plus Reality Unfastened, my 1992 short film about an unravelling of a young man.


Interview with Travis Little, author of Megan.


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