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In the quiet of her bedroom

jo-fraser - decadence and decay

In the quiet of her bedroom

She did not realise
(had no comprehension)
That she was making
(had just made)
The biggest mistake of her life.

Let’s face it
We rarely know
When we are making even a small mistake
Or else we wouldn’t make them at all.

She lowered that crown of thorns
And rammed it in place
Secured in flesh.

All she had done
Was to express how she felt
To the man she adored
Was almost at one with
(inside at least).

She could not have known
How it would snowball, steam roll
Up or down
Analogy’s don’t adequately represent
The hurt
The shame
The gossip
The accusations
The far reaching effects    
Into every aspect of her life
Like a movie promise spotlight
Into her dark diary bedroom corners.
Edvard Munch

And yet,
There was always the danger
That her sister’s boyfriend
Would reject her
And talk like a spy traitor backstabber
Yet she was too deeply immersed
Committed beyond reproach
To the fantasy
Of the opposite occurring
That it seemed almost
A foregone conclusion
A life in pictures
And sounds and sensations
Just waiting for time to catch up.

Without risk
There would be nothing
Yet now,
It all had changed for the worse
And she found herself longing
For the simple torment
Of her prior longing
Or better still
Her life before love.

(written in 2012)

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