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It's WILD Man

I have a poem in a new Anthology called Wild.

It's available here, and here's the list of contributors -

I wouldn't expect anyone to buy a book for one of my poems, but it's a little bit of news, a little feather in the cap.

A poet I respect whom I interviewed a little while back, here, is also in the book, Dominic Kirwan. So that's pretty awesome in my book. Er, their book. The book.

There's plenty of my poetry to read here, though I do save my best work for books/submissions.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of self-publishing a collection of poems, perhaps in a limited print run of 50. Not a lot of people like poetry, but I think mine is much more accessible than a lot of what's out there. I might make a digital version, which would be much smaller, but would be free. All thoughts at this stage, but I do have a lot of work and some of it, at least, deserves to have a platform.

More on that when I make up my mind. I'm a man. I'm entitled to change it.

Have a great week.

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