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Three Little Words - Visual Post plus great news!

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Three Little Words

Week 7 

Four Performances Thu 15th -  Sun 18 March, 2018

A man faces up to his own alcoholism. Or does he?

Starring Tom Harwood as Elvis
Written & Directed by Anthony J. Langford

Tom Harwood as Elvis - First Stage/Technical Rehearsal

We are on the Right

Some of the backstage props for the show ahead

We're up second! 

The first play, 'Switching Tracks' preparing for Night Two

Chalmers Street Surry Hills

Tom in prep.before a show

Action!   Take no prisoners Elvis!

Big thanks to Pete Malicki, Lydia Kelly and all the staff at Short and Sweet Theatre Sydney,

and of course,
the indomitable Elvis, Tom Harwood.

Great news!
We came third in the audience vote, which I really didn't expect due to the swearing and bold nature which I knew would offend some, so this was a real surprise.
And we came first in the Crew Choice! 
So we are off to the Finals on March 29th and 30th!

To have gotten this far is just amazing to me. 
I was happy enough just being part of it.
All the plays were great in their own way, so a shame that some get left out.
I'm very proud of Tom and what he brought to the character. It was a great
collaboration. What you hope for when working with others.

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