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My Short Film from 1988 - WilderWorld

This month marks the 30th anniversary of...


'For a group of young people, a chance encounter has devastating consequences.'

Eighties Classic

Short film from Australia 1988.

Set in regional Victoria this film was made by 
a group of teenage friends with no budget
 (I was the eldest at 20). 
It never screened anywhere other than in lounge-rooms.
It was given a slight re-edit in 2016. I hope you like it. 

Share around and please be kind. 
Three of the actors are no longer with us.
Beautiful souls. Rest in Peace.

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  1. Nice to see your early work - it's powerful. I like the cars, clothes and scenes that remind me of my early years too (though they weren't nearly as exciting as this).
    Thanks for sharing, Anthony. I'm sorry your peers from this are no longer with us. This is a meaningful way to keep their spirits alive.

    Love you.

    1. Thank you Robyn. I really appreciate that. Yes I miss them.
      The 80's were fun werent they...

  2. I gather you were the camera operator. Liked some of the camera angles. Reminds me of the 80's ;). Shame to hear three of them died young.

    1. Thank you Graham. Yes it is sad.
      I did about 75% of the camera and post production. I was the writer and director too.

    2. I was looking for your name in the credits.

    3. Good to see you watched it mate. Tony/Anthony - I changed my last name in 1994 by deed poll. :) I have another short film with my original name made in 92 then after that its Langford. Long story but basically goes back to convict days when my 'ancestor' wanted a fresh start after his 7 year sentence and kept his mother's maiden name which was Sidebottom, but he was a Langford. So technically I should be a Langford anyway. My Grandfather changed his name towards the end of his life too.

    4. If you go to the website and Gallery there's a shot of me with the camera- and some of the original script etc

    5. You don't hold back in your Behind the Scenes history of the film. Imagine what you could do today with the technology we now have.

    6. That document was sent out to the old crew with the dvd of the slight 2016 re-edit so was never meant to be made public. I just copied it over the website but yes, it is quite revealing.
      Technology has improved alot and certainly a lot more freedom for everyone, that we certainly didnt have. I was lucky back then. But it was hard going.
      I may have made a very short film recently. But I havent told anyone yet. ;) Soon...

      Thanks for spending your time going over everything Graham. I appreciate that.

  3. Sorry some of them are no longer with us.
    Based on the clothing and hair, there is no mistaking the time period.
    Nice work! I can't even imagine trying to visualize putting all of it together.

    1. Thanks Pat. Yes it took a lot of late nights after work editing it all together, then adding the music etc. About a month or so I think. I was working in television so had (sneaky) access to their gear. Not the camera though. That was Rohan's, the main actor.

  4. Aaah Wilderworld! Loved it when you first made it, still love it to this day. Brings back the childhood memories with laughter and the occasional tear xx


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