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Someone moved the goal posts

It’s a long, long way

Up a gravely gradient

To the smooth summit

Of consideration.

Blame the sky

For consistently narrowing

Around one insignificant

Destiny forged object.

Art by Christian Breitkreutz

I based this poem on the notion that we create our own destinies, often putting them out of reach, dreams to pursue, goals to aspire to and judge our success and failure upon it. When we don't reach it, we blame the universe, anything or anyone but ourselves, who placed us in this unrealistic predicament in the first place. 


  1. Perhaps a better way to judge success is to acknowledge what we have learnt on the way. Make sure it is you doing the judging too and not some imagined judgement of someone else. With my writing long-term goals of the last decade or so, I have actually removed the goal posts since I started an intense degree, I need to put them back in place, maybe half way down the oval, so I am at least attempting to advance while kicking into the hurricane of my degree.

    1. Thank you Graham and indeed that's a very good point. I have done some re-evaluating. Though I must add that this poem wasn't necessarily about me, but many that I've come across in television and film over the years (wannabe actors, directors etc) and in the writing world too. Failed authors, poets etc, many without talent, many with... which has all contributed to my Famous after death series.
      It's those who never get to achieve that I'm talking about. Most of us have dreams of a kind. Most are out of reach. But that's life isn't it? Full of disappointment, often of our own making. (I think I'm repeating myself now haha)
      Cheers Graham!


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