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Searching for Love

Are you... ?

Search Part – Love Lost

Take your chances
Out there alone
A world of indifference
Chill you to the bone.

Grass appears greener
Where the sun always shines
Wait ‘til the night falls
Where the outlook is not sublime.

I’m a trick of the light
A mirage deceiving sight
You could bring me home to roost
If you only you could
Discover the truth
No language, no words
A sign language mismatch
Merely a clash of swords
Leaving you spinning
Out there alone
Loud echoes to your cries
Chill you to the bone.

You came to find me
I’d given up and gone
‘You don’t know what you’ve got’
You had baptized a con.

Now it’s you who suffers most
A penniless wanderer
Forever counting the cost

I seek a mere smile
Out there alone
But the years have passed
And worn me to the bone
Worn me out

Post Valentines Day - 2016

I wanted to experiment with a traditional rhyming poem
And the concept of a lyric based song
Mixed with my own style of poem.
An experiment, if you will.
Did it work?


  1. I think it did work! It's always good to try new things in life.

  2. I not sure whether its the content or that you using rhyming, but the poem seemed lighter than your usual words, on first reading at least. I wondered whose POV the poem is written from, to me it could have been Love itself, or someone who it has eluded.

  3. Chilling. I especially like the smooth flow of the middle stanza: "home to roost..."
    Yes, it worked!


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