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Rolf Harris - The 'Greatest' Albums

As Rolfy hits the News yet again, it's time to revisit some of his Greatest.

Hmmm   Should've realised earlier.

Classic Tracks!!

Tie me teenager down sport

It’ll only take a minute

Two little girls

Jake the Middle Leg

Feel me Hidden Peg

Give a little tickle

Autograph with extras

Everyone does it

When you wish upon a squeeze

Our little secret

It wasn’t me

Daddy’s bedtime story

Checking your heartbeat

Lean on me

I did you a favour, remember?

Rock a bye baby

My little Wobbleboard

Storytime, on my knee

Plus the Positively Classic Rolfy

HIV Negative

My photo - Saw this in a bargain bin. Had to laugh. Needless to say, I did not buy it. Inspired this post though. (Look at that mouth! Oooppss!)

The Court of King Octopus

The Wild Fondling Boy

I'll be Hung

Hurry Home - I'm Waiting in the dark

London Town - is my Home forever

Along the Road to my Gundy Eye

If I were an invisible man

Don't let the sun go down on me,
but your daughter is good to go


Coming Soon

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  1. Wow, those lyrics. They're a bit disturbing (or perhaps more than a bit), yet very real.
    Virtual hugs, my friend.

    1. Thanks Robyn. I beleive Rolf was big on hugs too. xo

  2. Nice one bro, missing you, ramin

  3. This is not a first time when Rolf harris has comeup with something jazzy and classic. His all the tracks are one of its kind. I love his all the tracks.


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