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IRONS - A historical convict drama - My short film.

Two brothers divided by circumstance in

bloody, colonial Australia.

Watch it here

(Maybe be blocked in some countries-If so let me know please.)

The original film was made in 2004.
This updated version, 2011.

Irons - The Official Site

More of My Short Films

Feedback welcomed. Happy to answer any questions.
anthonyjlangford2 at yahoo com au

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A re-post from 2011, as I am planning to slowly release my short films online.
Irons is the most recent.
I've made six prior.
Four in the 1990's. Two in the 80's.

Another in the works?

(2022 update. I did make another short film in 2018. MISSED).

All Short Films HERE


  1. Anthony J. Lanford, Writer, Producer and Director of this amazing film!? I'm so inspired. You keep so much of your talent from your blog. I had no idea. You are so incredibly brilliant. This was really powerful. I especially liked the sleep-nightmare scene and the flashbacks. The acting is stellar as well.

    Are you happy with the final product? Was it what you envisioned while writing it? I have so many questions.

    WOW and KUDOS and I'm honored to be friends.

  2. Aww.. . Thank you Robyn.. that's made me gush..

    This version has some new audio and music that I couldn't get the first time around when it was released in 2004. It played in a couple of festivals, but I'm happier with this version.

    Of course, it never turns out as good as you hoped, and there were many compromises due to time and budget.. film is a collobarative medium and you can't always control everything.

    I would love to have my time over, but it is what it is.. and I learned a great deal. I am happy with some scenes more than others, but generally, I'm happy. The actors were good, yes. And it was very difficult to make.

    These days, I prefer to write, but I still get pangs. I'd do it much smaller next time, (if I was to go again). That's why I like making video poems. I also have total control. Call me a control freak. lol

    Thank you!
    It's an honour

  3. This is classic Anthony. I don't remember you telling us you make films too!! I admire your talent and efforts. Keep it up! You're one of the few who doesn't just talk but does! If you know what I mean :D

    Good job!

  4. If I had on a hat, I'd tip it to you Anthony! That was amazing! You are truly a multi-talented person. I hope your holidays are happy ones my friend...

  5. That makes sense, Anthony. It's such a unique medium, and I'm sure anyone making a quality film like this experiences a loss of control.

    Lots of cheer and love to you and yours for a wonderful Christmastime.

  6. I finally made time to have a look at your film - those 17 minutes seemed so precious to me. I am also not a great fan of watching films/television on a computer screen; I prefer to be sitting in a comfy chair rather then at my desk.

    It was a fairly simple tale of fear versus loyalty to a brother or wife. The costumes looked authentic, the locations were good: Old Sydney Town and the bush - the ship even looked authentic. The acting was pretty good - and they looked the part. The dialogue was okay.

    It would have been nice to see the escape, why he escaped with the thug who attacked him too.

    I did found the music a bit intrusive in parts, like in the bush, I thought just the sounds of the bush would have created more of an atmosphere. I also thought the brothers stared at each other a fraction too long in the bush.

    I enjoyed watching it, even sitting at my desk.

    A big job to write and direct. Did you cut much of what you filmed?


  7. Cheers for the taking the time out guys, and for your thoughts Graham.

    Making a film is a collaborative medium, and when you're not paying people, you're stuck with what you get. (won't be specific). Having said that, I ultimately take responsibility for the flaws. Due to low budget, which was still high for a short, scenes had to be cut and most of those shot were rushed. Too many compromises, but many important lessons learned. I'm also a better writer now. Still, I think there are some good scenes.
    The escape scene couldn't be filmed in time the way I wanted it, hence the surrealistic approach. The man who attacks Peter is not the one who escapes with him, but the one who 'rescued' him on the boat. They are both big guys, but one has a mustache.

    Thanks again.

  8. I remember this. You're amazing, and I'm glad you'll be posting more of your films here.
    Love to you.

  9. I clearly remember this. You are still as multi-talented as ever, my friend.


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