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Last One Home Wins

Last One Home Wins

First places
Not always quick to learning
Some come slow to the party
Others never grasp the truth
No matter the surface success

Longevity is built on foundations
Comprised of relationships
Earned and won
As sturdy as roman bricks
And not a glitzy flash on today’s pan

Foundation exists
As others bring home the bacon
And no trophy
At least not today

Rewards are fleeting
In the best of times
Yet those who seek them
Are rarely satisfied

Cling to your ideals
Tomorrows respect awaits.


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  1. Beautiful and truthful words Anthony.
    Also a great (and appropriate) work of art above them.

  2. So much to chew on.
    Thank you, Anthony.
    Be well, dear friend.

  3. Like Robin says, a lot to chew on. I just hope I an not one who never grasps the truth. The poem reminds me a bit of the novel The Slap, where a few of the characters look happy and successful on the outside, but when you are taken inside their heads their facades are fraudulent. I often wonder about this with other people living their peer driven consumerist lives, are they really happy?

    1. 'peer driven consumerist lives' - I like that Graham.
      And the fraudulent facades. You nailed it.
      Yes I quite enjoyed The Slap.
      Thanks for commenting.


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