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Fat Shaming is inflaming - Part One

Fat shaming has to end.

Part One of Two

        It’s out of control now. If people want to be fat, it’s their choice. I mean, who doesn’t like food? Who doesn’t like a hamburger, fries, thick-shakes or a squishy mud cake? If anything, it’s the manufactures fault for producing it. And governments for allowing so much of it into our supermarkets. Shame on them. Forget fat shaming. It should be corporate shaming! Politicians shaming! There goes a politician. Eww gross!

       Sure there are many healthy options now. Much more than for years and years. Sure there are many TV shows, online videos and recipes (Jamie Oliver) giving us simple and cheap options. Some are even in pre-packaging to make it easy, but really, who’s got the time? I know I don’t. It’s a busy world out there.

Resist, if you can.  Plus with healthy fruit!

      Besides, coke and potato chips are damn fine and icing coated donuts are soooo yummy! 

See? It's depression. Get over it.

       Actually many of us have medical conditions. We’re big boned. Look it up. It’s much more prevalent than all those Health Professional Nazis would have you believe. AND we have eating disorders. We're depressed and we eat. Simple. Like people drink. Or take drugs. And sure there is help for them if they want it but maybe we don't want it! It's our prerogative

Plenty of us can’t help it. It’s like saying someone should be white instead of black. We can’t help the way we’re born. It’s in our DNA! (Did I sound racist? I didn’t mean to. I’d love to be black. I reckon I’ve got a black woman’s booty. I’m damn proud of it! Move over Serena Williams!)

      Plenty of guys love plus sized women too. Ever heard of BBW’s? Yeah. There’s a whole legion of Chubby Chasers out there. Imagine how they’d feel if we became sticks like those anorexic grasshoppers? They’d be devastated. It ain’t right.

You go girl!

       Are we ugly? Hell no! Beauty is only skin deep peeps! We’d be hot if we were slimmer! Can’t they see past the cellulite? Cellulose. Whatever. We can see it! We can imagine exactly what we’d look like if we lost the jowls, multiple chins and a stomach like a dead whale carcass. We have our rights too, just like Muslims and other minorities.

      A person is only that after all; flawed and imperfect. I challenge anyone to show their flaws to the world like plus size people do. It’s not easy. It’s really, really hard! We’re not fishing for sympathy. We’re being brave, pioneers in a way. This is us. We’re fat and we’re proud. 

Written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Part Two HERE!

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  1. hahaha - "We’re big boned. Look it up. It’s much more prevalent than all those Health Professional Nazis would have you believe". very funny piece look forward to reading part 2... I am sure there will be people who will hate this and who will hate me for finding it amusing but I too am "flawed and imperfect" ;o)

  2. Lots of excuses for being overweight, I have struggled with me weight, done new aged diets and detoxs, exercised a lot, still do. Chronic illnesses can be good for weight loss too I have found. I have also experienced weight loss for no apparent reason. I still eat a lot of crap, like chips and chocolate. But for the past two years I have been sitting at the top end of the correct BMI for my height. Go figure. So some people might have legitimate excuses for being overweight. Most don't, but do they care anyway? I suspect most do. Manufacturers have a lot to answer for. Why add sugar to orange juice? And Jamie Oliver's affect is debatable. All these cooking shows probably are getting people eating more. And so annoying to be squeezed between fat sweaty people on a train, or at the cricket too.

  3. This is greatly entertaining. I love how you tackle all the socially relevant issues, Anthony. And don't you dare take my chocolate from me. =)

  4. Really good and thought provoking as well.
    I am a carb addict, no doubt about it. I also like healthy food. I just prefer to eat it between two slices of bread...
    Nice writing Anthony.

    1. Ahaha nice one Pat. Salad sandwich without the salad hey? I like it..

  5. They're only focused on the very quick short term fat loss and one specific goal. So they end up switching to some other "quick fat loss program", and the cycle continues until they've become consumed by this cycle of confusion.

  6. Many people involved in high intensity and high frequency exercise regimes will feel hungry almost all the time. api fat burner


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