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A plot cooked up

Lust and the Cooking Lesson

He simply ran out of time
To practice his hastily learned
Cooking skills
In order to impress her
To try and fail
Was not worth an attempt

So he ordered delivery
And she was none the wiser.

Hours wasted
Weeks planning
Months pining
For those succulent few minutes
That would never tick over.

As fate would dictate
The order was far too late
And not up to expectation
Which she subconsciously
Associated the inadequacies
With him
Doomed to failure.

The eventual outcome
Was perhaps inevitable
The fallout being his appetites
Which sent him to trouble
In the first place.

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  1. The combo of expectation and appetite often leads to disappointment and impotence. Doesn't it? Damn. And so we diet without wanting too.
    Nicely done, Anthony. Great symbolism and/or metaphor or whatever a haughty writer might call this. I just liked it. xo

    1. Thanks heaps Robyn. A diet we could all do with, but then again, not in all aspects! Bring on the feast! ;)

  2. Brilliant and funny and true - as Robyn says the expectation and fantasy is almost never going to live up to reality and the stress of trying to make it do so leads to "inevitable" disappointed. Damn our minds! If only we could just let things just occur with no expectations without playing it all out as we want it to happen! Thanks for sharing keep them coming.

    1. Thank you Ayela. Yes, we all have too many expectations of each other. Just relax and let it be I say!

  3. I think its a metaphor for life, I see it everywhere, deluded people attempting deceptions, and if they succeed, all they have is a successful deception.
    That's why just about everyone is unhappy behind the front they try to deceive everyone with.

  4. Better she finds out sooner than later that he is a phony..
    Nice one Anthony!


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