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Life's Last Great Adventure!

A Fortunate Death

I remember when I died
The pivotal moment
The ultimate experience
Life’s Last
Great Adventure.

So they promised.

Talk about premature ejaculation
A mess without the fun
The climax without the excitement.

I turned,
Okay, I was slightly heavy after Christmas
Not paying attention
And Hollywood Star headed
To concrete ground.

Didn’t leap up
To carry on the fight
Nor was struck down
By an evil bastard.

A mere, pathetic victim
Of my own ill attention.

Incompetence killed the beast
Hardly epitaph worthy

What a disappointment
My death was.
Fucking cancer
Would have been better
At least for memorable lines such as
Worthy battles.

Not even hard done by enough
To return as a haunting
A slapstick vaudevillian ghost
To make Casper
Crack up.

Such is life,
Ned said.

Such is death,
I portrayed.

Life’s Last Fuckup.

Ciao bella

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  1. When I first read this poem, I found if very angry, but second time round I found it more sad, and ode to not being prepared for death. There were some clever lines: "And Hollywood Star headed To concrete ground."

    I was thinking about the theme of the poem recently when a story appeared on Prime news about a popular boss who fell down some stairs and died at a Christmas party. One minute he's alive, and the next he's dead. At least with a long-term terminal illness, he would have had time to prepare for death, experience death if you like. If there is no aftertlife, which I believe there isn't, he will never be aware he suddenly died. Troubling to think about.

    1. Cheers Graham. Perhaps both your analogys are correct. I hadn't heard that story but seems a fitting comparison. Who knows how we'll go.. and whether its a 'fitting end' or not... as for the great beyond... I'm with you.

  2. Funny how poetry has such power as to let each reader bring their own meaning to it - I actually found this poem made me smile and even chuckle. I thought it was very clever and made me ponder that we are at risk of wasting an awful lot of time worrying about death and worrying if we will suffer or not and how it will happen - a lot of time on something over which we have no control at all and of course is the only thing we can be certain of in life - happy new year to you Anthony - as far as 2015 - I say keep sharing your poetry and I would love to hear more of your thoughts on life/current events - and of course your humour through your satirical bites would be great

  3. hahaha I am obviously living in the past - of course my comment should read 2016 not 2015! ooops

  4. This is brilliantly clever. I'm thoroughly amused.
    Thanks for being such a dear friend.
    Love to you for a fulfilling new year with no death.

    1. Thank you dear Robyn. No death.. A good idea! Im going to try it.

  5. Pretty sad for sure, but life really can be fucked up and stuff...
    It'a also full of wonderful and amazing things as well.
    Nicely written!


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