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Post Number 300

A milestone for me. 

Three hundred posts of original creative content, not memes, not reposts, not recipes, opinion pieces nor what I got up to on my holiday. Almost all of it is poetry, stories, video poetry and series, such as the infamous Feral Street and Famous After Death.

That's an average of one a week over six years.

Whether you've been here for a short time or not, I thank you.

Actually I'll be back soon, with more satire


  1. But not this week :) Thanks for your efforts, I have enjoyed reading your poetry and stories. You have put a lot of effort into this blog, especially some of your video poems. It must take you a few hours to do a week. I used to post weekly, but decided I could spend that time writing. I look forward to another 300 posts from you.

  2. Rock on, my dear friend. Congratulations and keep 'em coming. xo

  3. Well done Tony. I have enjoyed reading your poems and stories throught the year. Its been a huge effort and I look forward to more in 2016. I'm very proud of you as you should be


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