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The new Ice Cream from ISIS!

The World's Worst brings out the World's Best!


The new Ice Cream from ISIS!

An assault on your taste buds! 

In all new home-blown flavours

  • Desert Brown Chocolate
  • Fatwa Fanta
  • Caliphate Cookie Cream
  • Blood Red Strawberry
  • And our favourite, Beheaded Banana!

In our all new cone, shaped exactly like an assault rifle!

Get Jihadi on your family! They’ll all want one!
Convert… Or die!

Mother did not want ice cream, so we made a meal out of her!

Eat your greens, then you get the ice cream!
(Remember: make sure no woman is at your table)

Buy Five Ice-Y's and we'll throw in an under-aged virgin! 

You scream, we all scream, then we cream the non believers!

Coming soon:

Circle Jerk Sundae

Approved by all our boys!

It'll blow you away...!

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  1. I won't comment on the rest of it, but I could devour that sundae pretty quickly.
    Love to you and yours.

  2. Very funny and clever - I think you are brave and wonderful for seeking to bring humour in to this difficult issue - humour is well know to help people feel that life is worth living fully and can also help us to be able to help others who do not cope as well. As George Bernard Shaw said “Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”


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