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No trail to follow

Go your own way my friend


The pristine dull
Enunciate to the crowd
Correctly – Calculated
Whilst the seasoned sufferers
Howl spirited into the vacuum
Leaving no discernible trail
For the sustenance needy.

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Have a good week.


  1. So the slightly upset tell the world they are suffering, while the genuinely mad or angry just get on with being mad and angry by howling it at the world.

    1. Well, thats the good thing about poetry - it can be interpreted any number of ways. Having said that, for me, its the precalculated bores communicating to the 'people' while those with something more meaningful and insightful to say are mostly unheard, yet plenty need to hear it, even if they dont know it.

      If that makes sense.

    2. Perhaps compare politicians and media figures with philosophers, artists etc

  2. Reading it again, I get a different meaning - it's a different me today, one who has been professionally doing a whole lot of things. When I first read it, I must have just read some dull calculated attempts by our politicians to mislead us and wanted to howl at their intellectual vacuum.


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