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For your pleasure - an artistic collaboration - book now available

The pleasure is all yours

I'm pleased to announce that a art project that I've been collaborating on is now available.
The incredibly talented Italian artist Paola Rassu has produced a book of original images regarding the subject of eroticism and the pursuit of pleasure. I wrote a small poem to accompany each image.
This is part of her introductory blurb:

'The idea came to me from the lyric of a song, For Your Pleasure by Roxy Music. It’s the reason why I named this project in the same way. The purpose was to represent the various “states” of pleasure, creating a journey where images and words (thanks to the collaboration with Anthony J. Langford) combine together to explore various themes. These themes relate to the pursuit of pleasure, instinct, the senses and boundaries between eroticism, pornography, lust and sin.'

The book is not cheap but it is highly original and creative with both art work and poetry. It also comes in a hard cover. You can find it right here at Blurb Books.
Perhaps it might make a good gift for someone, especially with Christmas not that far away.

Paola's official website.

More of my Poetry


  1. Hot damn! I'm very proud of you, Anthony. It looks intriguing and sexy.
    Be proud.
    I went to the link. Price? On Amazon?
    Love ya. xo

    1. Thanks Robyn. Yes its expensive. I think at some stage it will be on Amazon and hopefully down the track in paperback so it will be cheaper. :) x


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