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Three Anniversaries and a little history

It's two years this July '15 since my debut Poetry Collection was released and just over three years since my novella Bottomless River was released.

The latter is out of print but I still have copies of Caged Without Walls available if you're interested. Yesterday I discovered that Better Read than Dead in Newtown were still stocking it. Well, they had a copy which was sold. Very nice to hear. Made my day.

As a matter of interest, this is the original cover which I put together. Back in 2012 I was considering self publishing it along with other stories until I found a publisher. A couple of those stories have since been published, most not. What do you think of the cover?

Speaking of anniversary's, its just over ten years since this Aussie classic album, Crossed Lines by 78 Saab. It received great reviews but not sales. Typical. They have been overlooked in a big way. Hopefully one day sense will prevail. They split up a few years back. No Illusions is the opening track. Do yourself a favour, track it down.

See you soon for new poetry and videos and who knows what else?


  1. I like the "& other streams" instead of other stories. The cover that was used suggests more themes than the cover you were thinking of using. I enjoyed both the novella and the poetry book. I could relate to many of the poems. I related to the Bottomless River's rural location. Its theme of regret would haunt many people.

    1. Thank you Graham and youre quite right about the cover. I actually received a nice comment about Bottomless River from someone I've never met, three years after they'd read it, wanting to know if I'd written anything new. Not a matter of writing it of course, just getting it published. Cheers

  2. I like the title and the cover. Still have a copy of your novella which I enjoyed reading very much. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more from you. Zee :)


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