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Five 'Innovated' poems published

I have five poems published in Issue 10 of Innovate Magazine.
It's available for only 2 Pounds right here, with 50% going to a cancer charity. You couldn't ask for a better deal.
Innovate contains many poems as well as stories.

My Poetry samples
(intros only)


The music of rain
plays sweet at night
mocking irritant by day
when time
does not belong to us.


Ill-fitting handshake 

He ran around the outside
She struck from within
He wondered where her mind was
She believed all was justified
Only the unhinged
Believe they’re on target

I save my best work for submissions so these are of higher quality than usually posted on this site.
(in my opinion anyway).

Print copies also available

Print Version


with a 50% donation to charity 

Kindle US

Kindle UK

Kindle India

More Poetry

Cheers for supporting the arts!


  1. You are having a bit of success lately. :) Congrats.

  2. Congratulations on another publication, Anthony. I like the playful cover.
    I'm wondering how much 2 pounds is in US $, and if I can get rid of, say 5 pounds off my belly alone? Smiles.

    Keep on producing. Pay-offs keep coming. xo


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