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The Bloody Unified

We are Not Anonymous
We are not Veiled
Nor hide behind Fake profiles
And Obscure accounts.

We are Here
We are Not Afraid
We are Unequivocal
In our Propriety
And you will not Dissuade us.

We will continue to Embrace
Those Divergent from us
No matter the Hate
You direct towards us
Nor the Ignorance
You wish to stir up.

We will never Abandon
Our right to Transparent speech
Our right to Embrace
The religion of our Choice
or to remain non-believers.

We believe in the Individual
and Community
We believe in Respect
And Empathy
Not resentment
And destruction.

We are Tenacious
We are Unified
We, the Immutable Collective
Bloody, but Resolute.

..and let's not forget the Muslim worker who saved people inside the Jewish Supermarket.
A remarkable act of bravery and a real fuck you to those who would see division.

I wasn't planning this on being my first post of the year, but felt compelled.

Happy 2015

I hope that something special happens in your life this year and that overall, 
despite the down moments, it's generally positive. So many horrible things have already
taken place and it makes me anxious. Let's hope and work towards better things for all.

A reminder that I save my work for submissions, 
but always aim to bring you good work, whether poem, video poem or article. 

If you do like a particular piece, please share. Without you I'm nothing.
See you soon.

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  2. I do wonder how much of it is ignorance - I've read that many of the radicalised have a very limited understanding of the Koran - how much is it being disaffected from society, where they could easily choose a life on drugs or crime instead of being radicalised, or how much of it is simply a desire to go with their baser instints and try and get away with rape and murder - but most of them don't, from what I am reading, ISIL is suffering huge casualties and foreigners going to join them are many of those who are dying. Because I live in the country, I have not felt any fear at all from terrorists, and still don't want my fridge magnet back. But I suppose it is slightly different for those living in cities who work near or at places that might be targets. I am not into hate based on race or religion. But I do dislike those who abuse power or lack empathy for others,like the ISIL leaders. So on the whole I embrace the sentiments of your poem.

  3. Sometimes (often, actually), I'm at a loss for words. But you never seem to be, Anthony, and you express yourself with so much passion and power. Thank you for that. Love.

  4. Fantastic post Anthony! Your poem is extremely powerful.
    Like you I am anxious. Anxious, worried and totally pissed off about the entire complicated issue.


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