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My Year in Publishing - 2014


2014 was my second most productive year, though unlike the two years prior, no book was released. There are no plans for books this year either, though my seven novels remain unpublished. I also have several collections of poetry that could be released, if I can find a willing publisher.

Here are the poems and stories that were published, some with links if you missed them. Cheers.

Image of The Blue Hour Volume ThreeJan
Vavaya – To belong to…

Linnet’s Wings – Plath
Zygote in my Coffee – Pressing
                   -  Miscalculation before reflection

Muddy River Poetry - It's cold out there
Black Fox Literary Magazine - When late night TV was cool
                                                Fizzle faith
                                                Extinct still here
                                                Apprenticeship in bloom

East Coast Lit Review - The person formerly known as me
Poetry Quarterly - Birthright

Bareback Magazine - Accidental

Stock Shack Magazine (Netherlands) - My daddy used to say
MIC Lit Journal - Thailand - The Thing

Gold Dust (UK) - When fortune turns towards you

Miracle - Light, Shade and in-between
Perihelion - It's the last great ice shelf!

Perihelion Science FictionNov
Subtopian - (All five poems here)
A very open wound
Welcome to La La Land
Skank Stepper
Hit on Hit Out
The night journeymen (boys)

Anthony J. Langford | 'My Daddy Used to Say…' Illustration by Michael Ilkiw
(From my Story Shack piece) Michael Ilkiw Illustrator

More Poetry
More Stories


  1. Some success in just about every month, and some international success too. I hope someone picks up one of your novel manuscripts this year. If only I could have seven complete manuscripts, instead of three first drafts and two incomplete novels. I admire your drive.

  2. I had know idea - I mean, I know you're always writing brilliantly, but I didn't realized you're so well published. Some day, sooner than later, may it translate into at least a smidgen of fame and fortune.

    Love ya.


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