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Merry Christmas to you and yours

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, no matter what you're doing.

I want to thank you for your support throughout the year, whether you commented, or shared something or even only read a few poems or articles, I appreciate it. There is so much demand for our attention these days, and with so much crap in the airspace, it's easy to become distracted and waste our time. I hope I haven't wasted yours.



A couple of very good friends made the finalists at Tropfest this year and won an award.
It's less than 4 minutes and I urge you to check it out. Here.
Look at it as a Xmas present.


  1. You're never a waste of time.
    Very exciting about your friends.
    Love for a very fun holiday with your family. xo

  2. I have enjoyed your poems and articles this year, some more than others because they hit home. Keep it up. But now I follow the philosophy of you are what you want to be, and who gives a shit what other's think. My brother never talks to me either, just got the cheery news he will be here on boxing day.

    1. Thanks so much Graham. Youve been fantastic to me this year. I really appreciate it. Yeah, fuck public opinion huh..let's just go for it. More C words in poetry haha. Well Ill be thinking of you on Boxing Day. Cant choose your family! oh the pain, the pain....

  3. Unfortunately (and as you already know), I spend a lot of time in wilderness areas and don't always have any access to the internet, or even a phone signal. Because of this, I'm always playing catch-up with the blogs I love. Heck, I'm struggling to get my own blog posts out on a regular basis. Having said that, I've always enjoy and look forward to your posts over the years and I see them when I can. You are very talented and most definitely, not wasting my time!

    I watched the video and it was really good. That guy had so much self control. I hope you had a great and wonderful holiday season. Here's to another great year to come!

    1. Ah that's very nice of you to say Patty. I have really appreciated your support over the years. And I always enjoy your posts too.. I would have fun with you out 'in the field' I'm sure.
      Best to you and your family this year too mate.


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