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Should the word c**t be used in a poem?

Slut and other inappropriate words

So... this word that begins with C. Is it right for a poem? 

Five Poems at Subtopian

Decide for yourself. I used it in a poem, as well as other nasty words.
As with much of my poetry some of the stories below are based on actual events.

Here are snippets of the poems in question.

Skank Stepper

She was a dirty ganger  
They said
A push-up bra selfie junkie slut...  

A very open wound

There are better things than hellos
There are worse things                                                                                                                  
Than goodbyes...

The Night Journeymen (boys)

The night is ours
Our town
We are teenage chieftains...

Hit On or Hit Out

...Her expression changed to
that of the shocked, amused, horrified
All at once.
She tried to slap me.

Welcome to La La Land – A True Story

I’d spent a week in hospital in Ireland
After having my head kicked in...

My Books

This particular publication is quite subversive so I went through my unpublished collection and pulled out these er, gems. Know your market as they say.

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Please help me and them out by making us know that you're reading, even if you don't like them.

All five poems here in one page. (Update: Site closed. Try my books).

More of my Poetry here.


  1. True art breaks all rules. You're a true artist, Anthony. You can use "c***" whenever you damn well please. Smiles. It works in your poetry.

    Love you. xo

  2. Haha - love it - thanks Robyn. Keep it real I say. :) xo


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