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Pervert Doctor has some serious issues

Warning: Not for the easily offended.

Dr. Bale is a dirty perve. 
What's he got to do with Antarctica? And how will he get his kicks there?

*2021 Update - Now free for you to watch or listen.

Perihelion Science Fiction
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After some considerable time, my story, It's the Last Great Ice Shelf! is finally available for people to read. They've shortened the title. As you can ascertain, it was more relevant some years back. I first wrote the story in 2006. It's been through quite a few drafts. Yes it was rejected numerous times but it's also sat forgotten on my computer so it's great to see it out in the world. It's up to you now to read it and share it and give it life. Without you, it's still dead.

(Link removed, Site closed)

Jesse Jennings
From the Front Cover of the Nov 14 issue

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